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Wrote a little analog tune. A robot love song of sorts. Almost like it's the emotions the robot feels once he realizes he's fallen for another robot.

Do robots love? Can they love even if they're not programmed to? 


I Left it bare so other musicians could layer it up. Have fun everyone. I can also extend the song and make changes if need be. I can also upload stems upon request. 


So I was really inspired by Wirrow's "The End" collaboration and Metafictionist's song so I came up with this idea for a story and made a trailer for it. Enjoy.




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I like deconstructing songs on here and making something COMPLETELY different from what they were. So this is my attempt at doing that to a video. There are some sound effects missing from this because I only have so many royalty free sfx on my computer and didn't have some of the stuff I needed so maybe someone could go in and fill in the blanks if you have more sound effects or can hunt them down on here.

Hopefully you all got a laugh out of this. I mean I love the original Strawberry Bootlaces but it's always fun to remix and parody stuff. 


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I did. I promise. I created space. This video is proof. 


P.S. I had to upload this in MP4 format because the MOV file was 466mb and was taking FOREVER to upload on here. If someone wants the high res version of this let me know and I'll upload it to Vimeo and you can download from there. 

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So Krrrr uploaded these really cool sound effects and I took them and chopped em up and manipulated the crap out of em and sampled the kick and snare from this Boxsets beat and added a few little drum sounds from Logic Pro 9 and made a beat with them. 

Now it just needs some rhyming over it. Or singing. Or additional instrumentation. Tons of stuff to do with this one. 

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I decided to try my hand at doing traditional style animation by drawing each individual frame. While very time consuming the pay off in the end is big. I really like the way this turned out. 


Just a fun little bumper to put on the beginning or end of your video. Enjoy and happy remixing.

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Just a black and white film shot of a conquistador in Balboa Park in San Diego. 

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Here's my second edit of the Work/ Work rap video. We still could use a bunch of more people singing the chorus. Also for some reason a lot of people only sang the first two bars of the chorus. Make sure you sing the entire thing. Thanks for all of your amazing footage everyone. This video is starting to come together very nicely. 


Also I'm really crunched for time right now so I'm not going to be able to resource everyone's work just yet. Sorry. I promise I will get to it in the next few days though. 

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Here's a little love song I wrote for someone special.


For remixing purposes the song is 120bpm. I put a kapo on the 5th fret and the chords I use are G, C, Am and F. Let me know if you'd want the stems. 




I like it best when your lipstick is a mess.

It's like telling the world, "I'm in love and I'm a girl."


I love your face when your hair is all over the place.

It's like telling the world, "I'm in love and I'm a girl."


She is the sun. She is the one. She is my world she's my life she's the girl I'm gonna call my wife. 


I'll never get bored of hearing your vocal chords.

It's like singing to the world, "I'm in love and I'm a girl."


I'll always know where I'm going with your heart glowing

it's like signaling to the world, "I'm in love and I'm a girl."


She is the sun. She is the one. She is my world she's my life she's the girl I'm gonna call my wife. 

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Incase you don't keep it real and cuss on the reg like an adult... I made a censored version of my cussing video. It's pretty fun to curse. Just drop am eff bomb right now and see how it feels. "Fuck" really is the granddady of all bad words. So many uses for it. 

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