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Writing (advice)
RosellaWeigand Released Feb 15, 2012

Write what you know --> WRITE WHAT YOU WANT KNOWN

Always willing to trade in reality for adventure, she’s a verified lionhearted reader.

Our fingers interlock each other’s so perfectly.

We must be hand mates.

Behind every great fungi, there’s a great fun-gal.

“I’m turning 300 today.”

“Congratulations! You must be so…drained? Tired?”

“Actually, I’m quite inspired.”

“Really? But isn’t a lot?”

“Yes and no. 300 is a proud...

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“May I tell you something?”


“First off, I don’t like you.”

“I know.”

“Oh, you do?”

“Yes. And I’ve suspected as such for quite some time now.”

“Good. Cause I…I don’t like you. In...

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Occasionally, I like to reminisce about the future.

How informal to be so normal
In a world where no one is defined
As such, because a definition
Can’t be a summation,
If the meaning changes
As frequently as it does.

How mutual to be...

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My imaginary friend doesn't believe I exist.