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Writing (advice)
RosellaWeigand Released Feb 15, 2012

Write what you know --> WRITE WHAT YOU WANT KNOWN


We all grow out of the ordinary
And come to be extraordinary.

Mushroom plot (tiny Illustration) By: CaptClare (which I can't seem to REsource)

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Our fingers interlock each other’s so perfectly.

We must be hand mates.

Behind every great fungi, there’s a great fun-gal.

“I’m turning 300 today.”

“Congratulations! You must be so…drained? Tired?”

“Actually, I’m quite inspired.”

“Really? But isn’t a lot?”

“Yes and no. 300 is a proud achievement, one I’m grateful to have reached in my lifetime, but it’s just scratching the surface of all things creative.”

“So, really it’s just the beginning for you.”

“No, not the beginning. I was at the beginning with one. Some may say I was at the beginning at zero.”


“When I was just browsing and learning how the whole site operated. I’m still learning its process, and I’m happy to be a part of it.”

“It’s weird.”

“What is?”

“To commit yourself to sharing what’s in your head with strangers.”

“Strangers? Oh, I wouldn’t call them ‘strangers.’ Do I know every detail about every single one of their personal lives? No. Do I know every detail about anyone in my life that I’ve met and have been acquainted with for so long’s personal life? No. And none of that matters, because it‘s not the point.”

“Then, what’s the point of it?”

“For some it’s one thing, for others it’s another.”

“What is it to you?”

“A platform…A showcase. A way for me to express myself openly like never before. There’s something inspiring about unveiling my work, then having it be appreciated at a global level. It‘s phenomenally amazing!”

“Yes…among strangers.”

“They’re not strangers!”

“Alright. What do you call yourselves?”

“People. People who have ideas and love sharing. People who have visions and love creating. People who have voices and love speaking. People who have illustrations and love animating. And it’s through the art of this community of so many imaginative inventers that I’m allowed window views of who each one is and what each one aspires to be.”


“We are hitRECorders.”


This is my 300th RECord! To commemorate the occasion as a writer on hitRECord, I thought it’d be appropriate to write about it in 300 words. I hope you enjoyed it. :-)

“May I tell you something?”


“First off, I don’t like you.”

“I know.”

“Oh, you do?”

“Yes. And I’ve suspected as such for quite some time now.”

“Good. Cause I…I don’t like you. In fact, I have an incredible distaste for you and what you represent. It’s very personal. To be honest, my loathing levels of you are off the charts.”

“I know all of that, too.”

“Well, I’m just glad we can talk about these kinds of things.”

“Was there a second off?”

“Lemme think….First, we covered the ‘I don’t like you’ already….No, I guess all that I wanted to get off of my chest today is just the fact that I have an immense disgust for you and your face.”

“Alright. Now, may I tell you something?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

“I don’t like you.”

“Yeah, I know…..I don’t like me, either."

Occasionally, I like to reminisce about the future.

How informal to be so normal
In a world where no one is defined
As such, because a definition
Can’t be a summation,
If the meaning changes
As frequently as it does.

How mutual to be so usual
During a moment when originality
Gets lost in between everything
And no one is willing to improve
What’s been done anyway
In order to make it new today.

How habitual to be so typical
While standing in a room
Holding a crowd of familiar beings
Engaging in a dialogue
That can’t be above it all
Since no one speaks the truth.

How unintentional to be so conventional
Throughout a time
That features so many who aren’t alike
Embracing differences,
Demanding the same conveniences
We all want in life.

How informal to be so normal
In a world where no one is defined
As such, because a definition
Can’t be a summation,
If the meaning changes
As frequently as it does.

RosellaWeigand Released Sep 19, 2013

My imaginary friend doesn't believe I exist.