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It's survived once already; here's why I'd save it again...







NOTE: The due date for this collab is Tuesday, August 26th.



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Honored (touched, even) to get to share this recognition with my best friend and creative partner, as well as with our entire worldwide community of artists here at hitrecord. I love you all <3

by jared
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I figured I would go ahead and write out a text record and add it to the Town Hall Collab in case anyone else has the same questions. This is in regards to the release forms recently provided to the community.

Upon my reading the forms I have a just a few questions. I feel, if I am going to ask anyone to sign these, it’s best that I fully understand the language myself. So in the event they have questions, I will have answers.

First of all, who is “What Fun LLC”? I know it says “Company” but I am confused because I thought “, LLC” was the Company. Or is this just an extension off of hitRECord?

This is very important to me, because the second paragraph in the Appearance Release says that, “I agree that the Company shall be the exclusive owner… and will have the exclusive right to use…throughout the universe.”

So does this mean that if our interviewees sign this release, we, the interviewer, no longer have the exclusive rights to our work? I understand we are covered under the TOS, but I am confused on whether or not this release will (for lack of better words) “cancel out” our rights?

This may just be “standard language” used in forms, but I would really appreciate some clarification on this please, as I am not familiar with said language.

I noticed throughout the forms that it doesn’t specifically say “HitRECord on TV” instead it will say “tentatively titled Hit RECord”. Or another example is on the Public Place Cards, it says “…television series “HIT RECORD” (working title).” I am curious, is this simply because these forms were drafted during S1 production?

I realize this second question may seem tedious, but I wanted to be sure that I am correct when I am asking for permission to film on location, and I am saying that it is for “HROTV”. Or if someone asks me why it does not say "HITRECORD ON TV"?

Anyhow, that about sums up my questions in regards to the release forms. I appreciate you taking the time to read and would of course appreciate anyone from HQ to respond to the above questions.



P.S. I wanted to write this out last night but currently in the process of switching providers at home (and needed a real keyboard to type this out vs my phone), so until that's all fixed and ready to go I will upload where ever I have a connection :)


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Hi everyone,

When you're contributing RECords for the TV show that include other people on screen, are shot on private property, or contain licensed material, you may need to have a Release Form filled out for Clearance purposes.

The attached ZIP contains the following Release Forms for Season 2 of HITRECORD ON TV:

1) Appearance Release Form

  • Please have anyone who appears on screen in a Video RECord sign this document.

2) Location Agreement (No Fee)

  • If you are filming on a Location that is not charging a location usage fee, please have the owner of the location's property sign this document.

3) Location Agreement (w/ Fee)

  • If you are filming on a Location that is charging a location usage fee, please have the owner of the location's property sign this document.

4) Materials Release

  • If your RECord includes any licenced material in it, please have the licensor of the content sign this document.

5) Public Placard

  • When filming in a public area that has been approved for filming exclusively for the TV show, please post this placard in the general area.


If anyone has any questions, please post a comment below or e-mail us at


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Thanks again to the hitRECord community for all your hard work on Season 1 of HITRECORD ON TV!


Pictured left to right:

Dr. Gory, Jen Gerdano, GMChrisJacobs, theraymondwei, jared, Krrr, bsbonus, edwardtheninth, Rebeccaxrae, MattConley, AbigailLake

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Hi everyone,

This Project Status Update touches upon the creative methodology for HITRECORD ON TV Season 2 as well as the following:

> We are now shifting from the stage of Development into Production of Season 2.

> These 8 ALBUMS contain the collabs that we will be actively focusing on. We will be adding collabs to these Albums throughout production and, if and when we subtract a collab, we will notify the community as soon as possible


NOTE: Project Updates regarding in development non-TV related Productions and HITRECORD ON TV Season 2 will be coming soon.


ADDITIONAL NOTE: If you have any questions or comments regarding any of these collabs, please contribute to the hitRECord Town Hall collab HERE.



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   deserves to be treated like a


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Original Song From Bluff

by Bluff
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RE: Your Mom

My best friend missed a routine telephone call that will forever haunt him. 

It was 10 pm, and at this time every night, his mom was calling to say goodnight!  In this particular message, she was already in bed but wanted to tell her son how much she loved him.   It would be the last time this only-child would hear his mom’s voice –she sadly died in her sleep.

He has played that loving telephone message every day since her passing two years ago. 

Based on my best friend’s heartfelt experience, I find myself storing all my mom’s telephone messages as if they were her last recorded impression.  I never want to forget her infectious laugh, the gentle cadence in her voice when she is excited or the bedtime greeting I have heard for over 40 years: ‘Night, night son!’     



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What follows are instructions to protect your brain from harmful mind control rays. You will find steps on what materials you need and how to assemble those materials into a brain protection device. While complex in function, its construction is done with easily obtained household materials.


  • 2 sheets of aluminum foil approximately 8in by 10in rectangle shape

  • Tape

  • Ball point pen or pencil

  • Twine, rope, or ribbon


Take the first sheet of aluminum foil, not used in cooking, and place over head from back to forehead. IMPORTANT Place on head with shiny side out, as to improve function and to avoid any ricocheting of rays that may be fired from below, thus, concentrating their effect.

Once the first sheet has been properly laid, proceed to mold it with your hands to both the front and the back of the head. IMPORTANT Take care to not mold the top, as this extra material will be used in a later step.

Take the second sheet of aluminum foil and lay it over the first, shiny side out, ear to ear. Repeat the molding process on the sides of the head, again, taking care to not over mold the top.

Carefully remove the aluminum foil from your head while maintaining it's structure. Place it on a table and inspect for any gaps. If gaps are observed, discard and start over with two new sheets. Any remolding may compromise effectiveness.

Tape the seams of your protection device. IMPORTANT It is suggested that tape be placed on the inside of the hat, thus maintaining maximum shiny side exposure of your brain protection device.

Proceed to take the extra unmolded aluminum foil on the top and twist it into a cone or spire. IMPORTANT It has become increasingly popular to shape the top into spirals and other shapes. Studies have shown that the cone and spire shapes are most effective in concentrating and firing harmful rays up and away from the head. Further, studies suggest, that in fact, other shapes may fire harmful rays back down into the head. Proceed with caution.

Take a ballpoint pen or pencil and poke small holes on both sides of your protection device where your temples would be. IMPORTANT Do not use a knife or stick. These tools may rip your protection device, comprimisng it, causing delay, and leaving you open to harmful rays for a prolonged period while assembling a replacement device.

Thread either ribbon, twine, or rope through the holes then secure on both sides with knots outside the holes. IMPORTANT Leave enough slack to fit under your chin but not so much that your protection device may slip.

Place your protection device on head, secure with restraint and wear at all times. They are everywhere.


You are now protected from harmful mind control waves.

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Learn how to make your very own tin foil brain protection device to protect your secrets. 

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