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Request List:

  • Video Editing

    • Cut together trailers of any kind
  • Writing

    • Pitch a concept
    • Trailer Outline
  • Cinematography

    • Shoot any kind of footage for a trailer
  • Animation

    • Animate a short trailer
  • Other

    • Voice Overs
  • Graphic Design

    • Design a red or green band
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Ms._red RosellaWeigand Released Apr 01, 2013

Whether teaser or theatrical, trailers have the effect of engaging an audience within a brief fraction of time. Their main purpose is to make someone want to see something by capturing enough of the highlights to provide a taste of the delicious whole.

I thought it’d be interesting to create trailers of all kinds.

Let’s say you’re working on a short film, and you want to share a tidbit of it with the community. You could make a little sneak peek to demonstrate how the finish RECord may…

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