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FILM: Kisses and Bullets
RELEASED: July/1998


From the writers who brought us Don’t Shoot and Don’t Shoot, Again comes an epic story about crime and how love can get in the way of it, sometimes. Donald Murphy (Jack Mondo) is your average private detective with a taste for justice. His life seems to hit a slow point, until the day journalist Shannon Hart (Nancy Dockett), his former flame and also a bit of a private detective herself, reenters his office to seek his assistance on a new story/case.

With their differences thrown to the wayside, the two join forces and work together in order to solve the murder of Vincent Langham (Timothy Smith, Don't Shoot), a restaurant owner and diamond shop clerk.  

Presented in good ol’ film noir fashion, Kisses and Bullets provides action, romance, and suspense in all the right, dimly lit places. This motion picturesque gem will keep your heart racing and your mind pacing as every twist and turn leads to a shockingly predictable conclusion.


FILM: The Visitors
RELEASED: January/2000


The year is 2024, and humans are no longer the superior race. After the planet Gotcha explodes, the intelligent life forms have no choice but to take refuge on planet Earth. The visitors are welcomed guests, until they start using up all of Earth’s remaining resources. The world is too small for both humans and Gotchanians to share, so each side devises a plan on how to destroy one another.

Only one thing stands in their ways of total world domination -- Reese Ozzos (Jack Mondo) a half-human, half-alien ultra-species. Reese knows the truth…Neither side can survive without the other. Can he prevent a worldwide war in time? Or will Earth become uninhabitable for good?

With over a million special effects and a cast of mostly lifelike animatronics, The Visitors offers a CGI experience like no other film before or since. The in-depth 3D, which is the only format this film is viewable in, puts the audience right in the film, whether they want to be there or not.

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FILM: Yours Truly
RELEASED: April/2010


Lost hopes and found dreams form the basis of Yours Truly, a beautiful, cinematic tale about Lola (Tanya Starr), a twentysomething girl escaping her broken home and discovering limitless possibilities in the City of Love.

Shot entirely on-location in Paris, France, except for a well-received supermarket scene in Boise, Idaho, Yours Truly celebrates womanhood as a path of independence and an exploration of passion. The premise alone may attract an audience of mainly the female variety, but men are sure to enjoy viewing this exquisite piece, as well, since this indie darling comes well-equipped with enough gratuitous nudity to make even a nudist resort frequenter blush.

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FILM: I Saw You...No, I Saw You First 
RELEASED: February/2003


Presented in reverse chronological order, I Saw You…No, I Saw You First is the romantic comedy that is said to have “stomped on all romanticized clichés of the past and present.” Edgar (John Herbert), a comic book artist, and Elena (Tina Michaels), Edgar’s Guardian Angel, fall out of love, meet their significant others, and join each other to begin their search for happiness with other people.

Nearly every line of dialogue is subtitled and not spoken, an obscure creative choice made by writer-director Austin Denstein in order to better express what the characters say when they’re not saying anything. This unlove story is full of surprises and will leave your jaw dropped from end to beginning.

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FILM: The Bird King
RELEASED: October/2009


With a extensive running time of 6 hours and 13 minutes, The Bird King soars into our hearts and creeps inside the deep crevices of our inner minds. Pauline Pettitore directed this artistic triumph that centers around lust, corruption, and power inside the inner workings of the natural world and what civilization means when it doesn’t exist.

Nominated for all awards in every category at the 2010 SFAFF Festival Awards, excluding Best Editing, The Bird King takes you on a terrifying flight that will leave you wanting less.

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I like you.
Just like,
Not love.
It’s too big of a step to
Admit to loving someone
Or something.
A step, of which,
I’m not ready to
Commit to just yet.
Instead, let’s stick with
Liking over loving,
Since it’s pretty nice and meaningful
In its less romantic
And more familiar kind of way.

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Today, I’ll become you.
You can be me,
If you want.
In fact, you better,
There will be 
Two of you
And none of me.
And I’m not sure
I’d enjoy living in
A world without us.

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I never
Hardly ever
Let things go.
When someone betrays me
It stays with me
I don’t really know.
It’s not like I keep a list around
Of every wrongdoing that’s been done to me,
But my mind doesn’t seem to forget
The letdowns, the negatives, every bad event.
I try to scratch my mental notes of it
And try to move on,
Yes, I try to leave the past behind
But can’t.
Even an apology won’t undo the bruises.
The open wounds never heal.
The anger and pain I feel
Is the same as I felt in the heat of the moment
All of the hurt
I still own it.
Nothing’s changed;
Nothing changes.
I try to move on,
But the grip, the pull,
Refuses to let go.
I need to let go.



NOTE: I wrote this poem yesterday but didn't get online to post it until today. 

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I belive this REmix sounds much better.  In my opinion, it now feels less overwhelming & overcrowded. HUGE THANK YOU to tinderlocks for the sound advice. :) Plus, I added la's to the song, because I felt that it needs more of those. Again...Any more suggestions are not only welcome but encouraged. If something needs fixed or changed or removed, let me know & I'll rearrange things.  OR just REmix my REmix! :) 

tiny story "righttoleft" by Blodnasir

Music & Vocals by iamemma

Song Edit by Krrr

vibraphone courtesy of debit72

cello courtesy of pietari_kaasinen

violins courtesy of Marie Bee & Kimirocks

tambourine courtesy of besttakeJJ

trumpets courtesy of MeTaL_PoU & Dave Chisholm

glockenspiel courtesy of ohwanderlust

hand drum beat courtesy of musing5225

guitar backing tracks (bass, lead, acoustic) & shaker courtesy of andyramone

flute courtesy of tinderlocks

trombone part (on trumpet) & tenor sax part (on trumpet) courtesy of Dave Chisholm

accordion courtesy of Madrond101

harmonies (la's) courtesy of musing5225 & 3over4 


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Now, maybe this is just an extension of the themes "language" & "words" but I think having NAMES for everything is interesting...And if something gets invented, a new word gets made up, and BAM....We got another name for something!

We introduce ourselves as..."Hello, my name is..." Why is that a piece of information we share so openly with strangers? Of course, some of us use fake names to conceal our identities. Have you ever gave a fake name before?

At work or parties or other social gatherings, we wear nametags. And that's an ice breaker...Hello, um...*reading* Bob. 

"What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet." Was Shakespeare onto something? Do names matter? Or does a name change what or who something or someone is?

We have...

First Names

Middle Names

Last Names



Screen names (usernames)

& so on

What's the origin of your name? What does your name mean? Were you named after someone - a relative? - a TV star? How do you pronounce your name?  

When a man and woman get married, it is more common for the woman to take the man's last name...What do you think of that tradition? Does that change the woman & make her less independent? Should she get a hyphenated last name, instead?

Persons, Places, & Things (all nouns) have names...Right now...I'm typing on a computer.  If it was called a "tech typewriter" would I stop using it immediately? What if the name "computer" never existed?  Or what if it was a name for something enirely different? Did I just blow your mind? 

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Justice takes place out on the streets, in courtrooms, in private homes...It's a Law & Order world, people. If we need help, we turn to police officers and lawyers. If they can't help up us, we take the law into our own hands and become vigilantes. We seek justice no matter what.

What is justice?  

When someone commits a crime, we expect that person to be punished. Eye for an eye, we say! 

Justice is blind...Right?

What do we consider to be fair?

We sign petitions and demand justice. Why? Because it's what we belive is right or because we want to jump on the bandwagon? 

Are our actions regarding justice always justified? Or are we fighting fire with fire? 

Justice of the peace

Justice Department

We have a lot of people working to maintain order, yet...we still have chaos. Does that serve us right? 


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I want you to be happy,
Even if that happiness isn’t with me.
You deserve to enjoy life,
With or without me in your world.
I know you are my fate.
I know you are my destiny.
But you never saw our real worth.
So what can I do?
I’ve already tried to help you
Realize how great we’d be together,
How we could last forever.
But you ignore the obvious
And remain oblivious
To the fact that we both need each other.
Now, we have gone our separate ways;
We’re living separate lives,
At different times
All because you won’t ever admit
You can never do better.
And maybe it’s for the best.

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