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This is my attempt to turn the footage I shot into something creatively pleasing to see & hear.  


ppeppina's "Green" instrumental effectively made that happen (I believe). :) 



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by RosellaWeigand Sep 12, 2014

Thirteen years ago today,
I was in my fifth grade classroom.
We were working on
Our assignments, as usual.
But then, the most unusual thing happened.
Another teacher burst into

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by RosellaWeigand Sep 11, 2014

Got report cards

Covered in ABC’s

Had every cute boy

Chasing after me

Let’s hear for the teachers

Who taught us something

And forget all the ones

Who thought we were nothing

All the lunch...

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What am I without my words?
An emotionless expression
With nothing to reveal?
A hopeless animosity
Against everything I feel?
Imagine having things to say,
Opinions to share,
Comments to...

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Never got caught once

Playing hooky with pals

I was too wrapped up

With barely passing finals

Let’s cheer for the leaders

on the varsity team

And the whole brainy bunch

For excelling...

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Party guests are mingling throughout the room. Everyone is standing in groups talking to each other.


SCOTT, the husband, joins his wife,...

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Dear Chester,

What’s up? Not much here. Just sitting in History class being bored and writing you. Can Mr. Whittle be less interested in our Founding Fathers? I mean….C’mon….You...

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We share interests after school
(See you at rehearsal today)
Chess Club, Drama, and Jazz Band, too
(You weren’t there yesterday)
I cherish our time together
I know we belong together

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At first, we were hallway strangers
(You never noticed me)
Then, we became classroom neighbors
(You always borrow my things)
Now I want to be more to you
Than just some girl-next-desk...

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How I like you so
(Oh, how I like her so)
Do you like me back, check yes or no
(I sent you a text to let you know)
And every time you look at me
You always catch me looking
And I’m...

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