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An interview on the radio with the Big Man in Red himself.

Who knows? Maybe Santa's even staying busy overseeing his toy workshop, so we'd hear his elves working in the background.

RECords Needed For This Segment:

- A script of the interview (preferably light-hearted/comedic)

- Interviewer/Reporter/Host Voiceover

- Santa Claus Voiceover

- Elf Voiceover (maybe one or two need Santa's opinion on something during interview)

- Background Sound FX of Toy Workshop 

Thoughts? Comments? 

1. New tea cup set with tiny rose petals


2. A basket of orange and yellow yarn


3. A library card (local only)


4. Box of cherry cordials


5. Box of assorted chocolates


6. Mug of sour...

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August 20th, 1968

One month here, and I am already bored with this place. The Followers, as my father insists on referring to them as, do everything and nothing each day. They wake...

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Dear Chester,

I really like you, which is why what I’m about to say will hurt me more than it will ever hurt you………I think we should take a break. And by ‘take a break,’ I mean...

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