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At first, we were hallway strangers
(You never noticed me)
Then, we became classroom neighbors
(You always borrow my things)
Now I want to be more to you
Than just some girl-next-desk to you
And I’m tangled in my heartstrings
(I’m staring at my phone screen)
Waiting here until the bell rings

How I like you so

(Oh, how I like her so)Do you like me back, check yes or no(I sent you a text to let you know)And every time you look at meYou always catch me lookingAnd I’m tangled in my heartstrings(I’m staring at my phone screen)Waiting here until the bell rings

NOTE: NEW LINES IN BOLD. While I love the line…“Do you even know that I exist” because it’s so relatable when it comes to crushes…..I don’t think it fits anymore since the song is taking the direction of she writes notes; he texts….Because…….If he is sending her a text,...