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by Robo_J

I'm surprised no one has touched dAN's fire-spinning audio RECord as a resource for opening music. This stuff is gold, people...

Sampled his fire-spinning to make a rhythm, then added Jerzy's vocal lines, the beep slate, and my own beat for added "oomph"

I am well aware this is not under 10-15 seconds, but I couldn't contain this awesomeness within that amount of time. Besides, I'm pretty sure the boys upstairs have the tools to edit this shorter if considered for the episode.



REmix created using samples of resourced RECords plus added bass track


by Robo_J
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Brooklyn NYC

by Robo_J
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by Robo_J
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a remix of a remix combining Anna'a vocals with Jerzy's beat addition, with additional drum and keyboard flourishes by me

don't have my usual guitar/bass setup currently, so anyone is welcome to add some bass and guitar textures


by Robo_J
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drawn by LizSmalls

by Robo_J
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sampled/modified johnnyclyde's instrumental under Robo REmixed Jerzy's vocal & drums

added bass too


This is where
This is where I let you down
And it’s the first time
That I’ve ventured here in who the hell knows just how long
It’s been awhile
So I take a breath
And it feels like your street is breathing, judging me
for all my actions both because and then in spite of you
Despite the truth
That you were there too
And there I go
Again I start
ascribing meaning to a place because I can’t tear out my heart
Yes this is where
This is where I let you down
This is where
This is where it all went down but hey at least that was the last time
we acted like two frightened children wearing clothing of adults
You used to play
so many games with me to see how much new rage you could draw out
And I could not take the weight of how that felt so this is where
This is where I put the weight
And there I go
I just can’t help
still showing up to see the past because I can’t forgive myself
Yes this is where
This is where it has to end
This is where I speak the truth
That you were there too

by Robo_J
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Piano: LexiSher
added instrumentation & production: meeeeeeeeee

by Robo_J
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On the first day of school
I thought I was cool
Throwing a freshman into the pool
Calculus blew and Science was a drag
Our teacher smelled like vinegar
(and was kind of a hag)
Getting picked on by the seniors
Smoking behind the stands
Debating 'bout the cute girls
And best rock bands
     I got class in the classroom
     Brought an apple for the teacher
     Oh great... today we're dissecting a creature
     Is it a frog? A squid?? A big ol' cow's heart????
     Oh hell yes, I love this part
     The girls go "Ew!" and the guys go "Coooool"
     The same shit, different day, on the first day of school.
          On the first day of school
          Get a call from my mother
          Who reminds to not forget to pick up my brother
          After band practice
          After detention
          So much for getting my crush's attention
          Don't forget to raise your hand to speak
          And don't forget to stay away of that clique
          Just chilling and learning and breaking the rules
          Same shit, different day, on the first day of school

by Robo_J
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Stems for Recess Beat RECord

1 Slicer GTR
3 Bass
4 Drums

note: I used pedals for my effects, not plugins on my Ableton, so I can't get rid of them and have a clean guitar version of what I played (what would be the point of having that anyway? my effects are what makes the song), so you audio guys at HitRECord will just have to make due.

by Robo_J
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first new beat after a little absence. been busy with life shit so HitRECord got put on the backburner. But I found time to make this little ditty. Some kids were in a school playground near where I was making it, so it added to the vibe.

Electric Guitar w/ Slicer, Delay, and Reverb
Occasional guitar w/ OD and
Bass Drums

44.1k wav / 110bpm / E major

stems after the jump

by Robo_J
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Oil Pastels and Ink
by me

The Asociación Madres de Plaza de Mayo (Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo) was an association of Agentine women who were mothers to children who had "disappeared" - abducted by agents of the Argentine government - during a period of state terrorism known as Guerra Sucia or "The Dirty War" between 1976 and 1983 - the "disappeared" were often tortured or killed and later desposed of in rural areas.
The mothers (who were known for wearing white scarfs) relentlessly demanded answers from their government, and organized protest marches. In a place where people feared attracting the wrong attention from the government, the mothers stood up and spoke out in public defiance in the name of their lost children.

Roughly 9,000 of the disappeared children are still unnaccounted for.

by Robo_J
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my first video using the Sony MVR (been dealing with life shit since getting it. priorities ppl)

tested it out with this little improv in the key of D going down to C occasionally

tempo is 85.75

open for anyone to add something 

by Robo_J
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