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When I saw that Kallee was my recipient for this year's Secret Santa, I was very delighted, and I knew I had to write some song involving her and her adorable daughter, Isabelle or "Izy"

I saw they're in/from New Zealand, so I researched traditional Christmas music from New Zealand in the public domain, and came across an old hymn called "Search Me O God" the words of which were written by J. Edwin Orr and set to the music/melody of a Maori (indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand) folk tune "po ata rau" ("now is the hour"), also known as the Maori Song of Farewell

I took the chords/melody, and wrote new lyrics for Izy and Kallee :)

merry Christmas!! <3

See the sun a-settin' 

How gold it turns the ground

Falling so slowly

Without making a sound

So glows in the eyes

Of Izy and Kallee

Off to find a star for their Christmas tree

O how they shine 

Far as the eye can see

Brightening the night sky

Burning so wild and free

Which shall be the one

For Izy and Kallee

To take home a star for their Christmas tree

Home, home at last

The fire's burning low

Keeping them safe and warm 

From the cold winda outside that blow

A long day's work done 

For Izy and Kallee

Who finally have a star for their Christmas tree

The moon shines above

It's finally time for bed

Thoughts of tomorrow's presents

Dance through Izy's head

But there's a light in the dark of night 

Keeping them company:

Izy and Kallee's star for their Christmas tree

Yes it's Izy and Kallee's star for their Christmas tree


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Robo_J Dec 06, 2014