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by Robo_J

I am Robo J
I hit RECord all day
I am a REmixer
A musical trickster
Nothing is taboo
I'll even REmix YOU
The RECords you see below
Are the best I have to show
So have a listen for a start
And, if willing, give them a heart
My sounds are here and yours to play
So sit back, enjoy, and REmix away!




vocal/guitar: Metaphorest
strings: zoom_away
piano: serenaisgood
ride cymbal: wunderboy & thearjunsingh

words/music: Metaphorest
production/string & piano arrangement/mixing: Robo J 

by Robo_J
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while working on a REmix of "the prize," i got this riff in my head. so i put prize on hold and worked on this.

sampled a bit of Lava Tornado and another tasy find from GwenInterrupted's trusty loop collection.

Guitar, Bass, Arrangement ~ meeeee

rather than sit around with it, i'm sharing it in its "rough draft" state. or whatever.

i'd love to get someone doing a nice hip hop flow to it. or something of that nature.


this is why i hit RECord.


This RECord can now be heard on the HitRECorderly #3 Vinyl (released Summer 2012) as "Diamond in the Rough"

check it out here:

by Robo_J
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Vocal RECordings by Metaphorest & The Morning Hollows (RECorded 4/2011)

Bass Gtr & Drum RECording by Albert (RECorded 2/2011)

 Drum Kit sample & Keyboard RECording by GwenInterrupted (RECorded 5/2011)

Cymbal crash RECording by thisishowiroll (RECorded 10/2011)

EBow gtr solo by me (RECorded 2010)

2012 REmix arrangement & production by meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

This REmix contains only samples from the RECords resourced. No outside/extra RECordings were used.


this took nearly a full year after the original bass line & 'Ravens' RECords were released for me to 'crack' the idea for an arrangement that worked.
back in April 2011, i downloaded the audio stems that Albert, Sarah, and Matt uploaded to the site, and after trying some ideas that ended up not going aywhere, decided to put this REmix on hold until I could think of something suitable. Sometimes the best ideas come much later. Sometimes, it's better to put your impulses aside and allow time to pass...
in January 2012, I came up with the idea of looping Matt & Sarah's ending vocal lines which created the proper foundation, along with Albert's bass, for the song to move in a cohesive, structured direction. Everything else, the drums, guitar solo, format, followed suit.
And there you have it.

many thanks to Albert, Matt & Sarah <3

Robo J

by Robo_J
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this REmix uses the vocal and drums from Metaphorest's original RECord.

experimented with different variations before settling on this one. 

REmix production, arrangement, Synthesizer, 808 programming, Guitar: meeeeeeeeeeee

Hope you enjoy, and happy REmixing



and many thanks to Sarah for making such a wonderful and REmixable song (and the stems too!) <3

by Robo_J
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alright, so I've been listening to a lot of "Paul's Boutique" - Beastie Boys' 1989 hip-hop masterpiece - and it really got me going about working with sampling...
so what better HitRECord joint to mess around with than " The Prize"??

Here's what's going on:
-Dug through all of Joe's stems of his REmix of "The Prize" and sampled a bit of his kit drumming, along with the original lava_tornado "feet first" RECord, as well as tidbits of the Prize song itself.
-Used as much of Joe's vocal outtakes that i could. 
-His rap solo is different takes put together.
-Even sampled a snippet of his vocal from "American Scrimp N Save"
-Added a envelope bass guitar part (actually my electric guitar whammy'd)

Big props go to RayPerez for reRECording his chorus/rap solo parts for this REmix

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did making it

by Robo_J
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starring: Charlieeeeeeeeeeeeeee
vinyl sfx: RECollection vinyl
drum machince, slicer guitars, omnichord, bass: meeeeee

by Robo_J
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Well 'tis the season for you and me
So put that star up on the tree
And brave the cold with some nice warm tea
And have yourself some Christmas glee
With lil' E and his mama Marie Bee

It's Christmastime in Dairyland, where the piles under your feet
And you wouldn't believe who I saw walkin' on down the street
A pretty little lady with jet black hair and a sleepy violin in tow
And a little boy in a pirates hat sayin' "Down with Wirrow!"
Marie said, "Fancy you runnin' into us two, now let's get inside before we catch a flu!"
And there's no place I'd rather go than with the holliest, jolliest people I know! (*)

Well there was me, little E, and Marie staying warm by the fireplace
E's sipping on strawberry lemonade with a big ol' grin on his face
And Marie said, "I know what you're grinnin' about! Soon Santa's gonna be flyin' about!
Bringin' presents you've been waiting for all year, but not with little you waiting here!"

Well next thing you know, Marie's violinin', playing some sweet lullabies
And soon enough, E started yawning with a tired look in his eyes
Marie said, "I think it's time for bed." And E said, "I think so too!"
I bade 'em farewell and said, "Y'know, I think Santa has gifts for you!" (*)

Marie tucked lil' E into bed, with thoughts of Santa spinnin' in his head
Marie said, "Now you better get some sleep. I don't wanna ever hear a peep!"
And E said, "Don't worry mama, I'm gonna sleep all safe and sound,
'cause you never know when Santa Claus is gonna be comin' 'round!"

Well all of a sudden, they heard knockin' on the roof
And they went outside to see what was makin' that noise
And who did they see, with a red round belly and a big bag full of toys?
Well it was ol' St. Nick lookin' holly jolly! And he said "E and Marie? By golly!
Since you've been such good folks this year, I've decided to bring you some Christmas cheer!
For lil' E, here's a drum set made of the finest copper and tin!
And Marie can jam along with her own Stradivarius violin!"


i snuck in a few references to some of your RECords
and even made lil' E the 'conductor' of this little ol' timey swing jam ^_^

A very Merry Christmas to you, Marie and Ephraim! <3

by Robo_J
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words/verse vocals by TheSerpentTheCharmer

music/instrumentation/chorus vocals by Robo J

And if I move further up, past the windows
Can the smoke follow me to my death? Me to my death?
Would someone saying something lovely turn you away?
And would our hands turn to ash just like flames atop the sea?
I've felt the gnashing teeth of things coming to deface my grave
And the heart I left for you will be taken by vultures or waves

Or, rather, by love.
Or, rather, by leaves.
Or, rather, by breath.
Or, rather, by thieves.
Or, rather, by wind.
I'm down on my knees.
Or, rather, by death.
Or, rather, by thieves.
Take whatever you want.
Take as much as you please.
Or, rather, by thieves

Put a seed into the earth, call it harmony my dear
And it will grow crooked anywhere, anywhere but here
They came in the night and they took you away
But I followed them home and could hear every word that they say
Separate the rows that divide only two by two
And divine statues of men who came in just before the blue

Oh, my thief.
Oh, my tiny drum.
Oh, my charming snake.
Oh, the words that never come.
Oh, the place where we met.
Oh, the light that fades to dark.

Oh, my little heirloom.
Oh, the way you left your mark.

Produced by The Close Proximity
RECorded in Brooklyn, NY

by Robo_J
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Sail with me, through the breeze
Just wait and you will see
It will be alright, just you and me

Darling, you'll be fine
Keep your heart close to mine
We will be together for all of time


lyrics, melody, vocals: sexymoustache & jay-9

music box: christopher.harn

music, acoustic guitar, production: Robo J

written & RECorded at the HitRECord House of Awesomeness/New England, Wales, MA

by Robo_J
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couple weeks ago, i found this old vaudville song "Ain't Nobody's Business" originally written & recorded by pianist Porter Grainger. Since the lyrics, copyrighted in 1922, are now public domain, I made this blues arrangement to go with the words.

Of course, there's only one voice I'd want singing them blues... the one and only Kelly Morris :)

funny enough, while working on this, we both had the notion that this fits well with the theme RE: Space, so we're contributing it to the cause

vocals: Kelly Morris
guitars, bass, percussion, drum programming - RJ Mills

Key of B-flat blues
85 bpm

*this is a high-quality mp3 - a HQ WAV version, along with arrangement w/o vocal/guitar solo will be uploaded as zip file*


If I should take a notion, to jump into the ocean,
Ain't nobody's business if I do.
Rather than persecute me, I choose that you would shoot me,
Ain't nobody's business if I do.

If I should get the feelin', to dance on the ceilin',
Ain't nobody's business if I do.
If I get me best companion, drive me right into the canyon,
Ain't nobody's business if I do.

If I dislike my lover, and leave him for another,
Ain't nobody's business if I do.
If I go to church on Sunday, then cabaret on Monday,
Ain't nobody's business if I do.

If my friend ain't got no money, and I say "Take mine, honey",
Ain't nobody's business if I do.
If I give him my last nickel, and it leaves me in a pickle,
Ain't nobody's business if I do.

public domain lyrics found here:

by Robo_J
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originally published as Méditation sur le Premier Prélude de Piano de S. Bach, this adaption of the Latin text "Ave Maria" was put to a melody composed in 1853 by Charles Gounod, which he put on top of a solo keyboard piece, the Prelude No. 1 in C major (BWV 846) from The Well-Tempered Clavier composed by Johann Sebastian Bach in 1722, about 130 years earlier.

Essentially, Gounod "REmixed" both the Ave Maria text and the Bach prelude
And it's his "RECord" which we are REmixing here, 160 years later

Marie Bee: Violin
Robo J: synthesizer programming/mixing


this music is in the public domain

*big thanks to Marie. you're a trooper for pulling this out of that magical musical hat of yours :)

by Robo_J
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sway your hips to this shit


vocals: DevinLevi

REmix production, Electric Guitars, Bass, Drum Programming: meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


by Robo_J
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Come away from the water
You will not know what you'll find there
Turn away from the water
It is not cowardly to fear

I have seen beyond the pale waters running
Oh those things I've seen
Oh those things my eyes have seen...
I have heard them calling out
they hunger for you
Oh the sounds you hear
(let's turn away and run)

Come away from the water
You will not know what you'll find there
Turn away from the water
It is not cowardly to fear...


Inspired by LaraMinerva's two video RECords, I wrote/recorded this song

Instead of uploading the audio alone, I cut an edit to the song using Lara's two videos

It's more surreal/ambiguous than cohesive, but I really liked how it turned out

Enjoy, and thanks Lara :)

by Robo_J
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Come away from the water
You will not know what you'll find there
Turn away from the water
It is not cowardly to fear

I have seen beyond the pale waters running
Oh those things I've seen
Oh those things my eyes have seen...
I have heard them calling out they hunger for you
Oh the sounds you hear
(let's turn away and run)

Come away from the water
You will not know what you'll find there
Turn away from the water
It is not cowardly to fear...

Written & RECorded & performed by Robo J

by Robo_J
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originally uploaded this as a REmix of Ola_Szmidt's "I Carry Your Heart" REmix of my original Beat 921 RECord, but turns out the E.E. Cummings poem she used as lyrics were copyrighted, so I had to hide that sucker...

But while we sort out the new lyrical direction, here is the instrumental version, in case anyone wants to use it, or dance to it, or add to it... or whatever

Originally this started at the HitRECord House of Awesomeness in Massachusetts Sept 2013 as an instrumental created by myself and resident curator and all-around awesome guy Christopher Harn after we found out we shared a mutual love for GwenInterrupted's drum loop REmixes.
I sampled her loop of Malicore's drum beat, and Christopher played some electric piano over it.

Not too long after uploading the result, Ola_Szmidt REmixed it with some lovely singing, and I took her stems and tried to find some way to further REmix that. I was stumped with what to do until a couple days ago when I found a way to make it interesting: speed it up :)
I sped it up from it's original 111 to 144bpm and I got inspired.
Added instrumentation, extra drums, new chords, structure and BAM!

Enjoy :) <3

main drum loop: Malicore (REmixed by Gweninterrupted)
piano: Christopher.Harn
REmix production, guitars, bass, secondary drum loop: Robo J

by Robo_J
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REmixed JerzyJung's vocals from her REmix into this new arrangement

I tried adding more layers, but the more I tried, the more I fell in love with this very sparse minimal arrangement.
Lots of aural breathing room, y'know?

Anyhoo... JerzyJung sings lead
And I sang harmony, played piano, electric bass, tambourine, and programmed the drums

feel free to add something if you feel inclined
just respect the space and remember: Less is more

neighborhood of G major


by Robo_J
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starring: Charlieeeeeeeeeeeeeee
vinyl sfx: RECollection vinyl
drum machince, slicer guitars, omnichord, bass: meeeeee

by Robo_J
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here's the latest version of my extended ending arrangement with lots of new (and really cool) additions

gonna keep going at it, and i still have to add some things myself, so expect a new version very soon

awesome job to all the people i used here


by Robo_J
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