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by mushr

It was the first week of September,
we mapped our childhood by the sunburns
that peeled off of our skin.

A pair of Dr Martens & tattered jeans
anointed the cool kids.
While we sat in the back
and pretended that we didn't care.
At the back of our minds,
still wondering why
our parents didn't give us better lives.

I couldn't quite look at you,
as you fought back tears.
I swallowed the lump in my throat
and the mishap of being born.

Your friend misspelled
my name on the back of my shirt.
All year long, I had to cover it with tape.

I wish somebody had told me,
that these were the good times,
the happy aches, the baby bumps
onto our better selves.
Maybe, it wouldn’t have left
a permanent scar.

We learned a lot of things that year.
My lack of coumaflaging skills,
you wanderlust, and taste for better things.

One morning I discovered I could write,
my dreams on a cheap paperbag,
and let the wind carry it
out of the orbit of our lives.

We buried our vague disgrace
under the criss-cross
of your shoelaces.
And blamed our aches
and fevered dreams,
the surge of the violent rage
on our sunburns.

And just like that our secret was gone.
I never saw you again.

But sometimes,
when the heat gets to my head
and I can’t think,
my ink still finds you.



Time stood there waiting,
in the busy streets,
waiting for your arrival.
It hid behind an orange umbrella,
and surprised you as you stepped out
of the flower shop.

The look on your face,
when you gazed
at your glass reflection.
You are no longer a little girl,
no longer clutching
your mother’s skirt.

Your cheeks are stained
and discreetly matched
the confessions of
your Russian Red lips.

Fingers caressing a cigarette,
like limbs. You have the infinite sadness,
that sway on your hips,
the wispy hair that catches
sunlight momentarily.

You are burden by the weightlessness
of this floating dream,
and the knowledge
that this will end too soon.

~~ i went back to this prompt, i think it missed this one.


by mushr
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Oft-time, when my contem-plates spin whirrish in my head
I goad this gawk out of her box & to the woods instead
Through leafen place I amble, seeking solace in the roofless
Truthful greenery of treesome, lonesome now and near and newness
All unraveled roaming I grow young again through seeing
Every cranny, nook and nub with wondering eyes abuzz with being
Where once was but a molehole, gapes a portal, tunnels teasing
At the wonderland within, a world both perilous and pleasing
Each tree I see is home to imps or nymphs, hobbits or hermits
Knock on wood, sir, thrice and you yourself will soonly learn it
Bow down soft soft and sneak a peek into the barken trunk
Oh, such fine sights you’ll see to sink the things you thought you thunk
Why there are homes for gnomes and forts for fairies - yes indeed!
And trails for silver snails that ferry fairy folk at speed
Cubby holes and hiding huts in weeping willow dens
Where make-believing takes me back into my way back when
I tiptoe past the tower where the princess sure is hidden
Dreaming happy ever afters for the fate that she’s been bidden
While the firth it froths and fizzes, tendrils stretching to the shore
In its depths swim secret selkies, kelpies, mermen, maids and more
And when the cloak of night descends, I find nothing to fear
No specters lurk in midnight murk, no monsters hunt me here
Instead the inky black unveils a sea of twinkling lights
Each one another world as well, each burns a beacon bright
Led along now by the moon, I revel in the chill
Of winter’s breath upon my face, the wonder in me still
That muses mingle with the mosses, grasses, ferns and bark
Each time I go among the trees, that place ignites a spark
And if you look, you’ll see it too, take stock and smell the roses
That line the path to the other world that lives beneath our noses


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Everybody needs a little bit of personal space.

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Could be useful for backgrounds, textures, or remixing.

so many colors *__*

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350 post-its. 33 colors. 4 glue sticks. 2 weeks.

I am incredibly proud of this piece like crazyinsanejumpingupanddownstoopid proud of this piece.

(The rays are so straight, it makes me want to cry.)

Consider this my vote for a new hevn reboot.


download for bigger size and better quality ^_^

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Really should just be patient and see all of the remixes that will come out of Madisen's song, but I really liked this when I heard it and I couldn't help myself ;)

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and i really think to donating my body to science fiction :p

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* The family dynamic could be explored, including parents vs. kids, sibling vs. sibling, extended family, etc.

* A family's bloodline touches upon numerous cultures as well as periods of history.

* Some families are dysfunctional in various ways.

* Parents were different before they became parents. We could explore this further.

* Some people are adopted into families.

* Pets are part of the family.

* Family portraits are always interesting.

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Possible ideas and thoughts: 

  • Memory cards, memory chips

  • Why do we forget and remember certain things?

  • Memories, how or why we think about the past

  • Amnesia

  • How do we live in someone's memory?

  •  How do we want to be remembered? (In memory of... [headstone message].

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How do we make memories? Why do we keep memories?  How does memory even work?

As a community, we can explore favorite memories, memories we wish we had, even memories that we hope we can make. We can show how memory affects us and those around us and how we deal with the quirks of our own memories.  

The mechanics of memory are ripe for examination and dissection as well as discussion.

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* Memory is something we may eventually lose.

* A memory can be incorrect and change the perspective of things. Do we sometimes choose to misremember?

* We could examine the mind and where it stores memories.

* There are different ways we preserve and present memories (photos, writing, storytelling, etc.)

* What is deja vu? Could it be a memory from a past life, or are we re-living things over and over again?

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  • how can memories be good/bad? (ie. is it good to hold on to certain memories, even painful ones?, etc)

  • the way we tend to tie objects to memories, how that can effect us

  • the pattern of what we remember and what we forget

  • are our memories ever really exactly what happened, or just the rose-tinted version of events (initially i was looking at the theme of NOSTALGIA but i wanted to broaden it a bit so that the episode could go in a variety of places with it)

  • similarly (^), the often stark differences between how two people remember the same event

  • memory loss/amnesia

  • Alzheimer's/dementia

EDIT: ah! it seems MattConley and I were thinking along the same lines. (maybe i should have perused the collab before releasing this record) - ANYWAY! let's keep expanding the theme!

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