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ONE is the beginning of creation.

But TWO is the beginning of creativity.

Without TWO there is no repetition or deviation, no tradition, no rebellion.

TWO is a remix.

There is no hitRECord without TWO.


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I love the Science Fiction song, and I especially love being a part of it. So here's my contribution of a video for the song.

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Here is my second reading for the Henry Adam Wood collab - this time of the 23rd letter by ChrissyRegler.

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Here is my first reading from the letters of Henry Adam Wood - this one of the 22nd by tootwofoursquare. I'm definitely making plans to read more of these letters - I'm a big fan of this collaboration.

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This is my voiceover resource of The Messenger for fraeulein's The Message.  There are two different versions: the first is a creepy creep, and the second is the deep-voiced fellow who was actually used in the the final RECord. This was a lot of fun to be a part of!

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When I heard Charlie's audio RECord, I got the feeling it would sound fascinating if you stretched it out a bit.  This is the result of that audio out-stretching.

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Two customers are waiting to be helped in a small shop.

SECOND IN LINE: Excuse me?

FIRST IN LINE: (silence)

SECOND IN LINE: Excuse me?!?!

FIRST IN LINE: I... sorry, I don't work here.

SECOND IN LINE: Are you Bo Jack?

FIRST IN LINE: (anxiously looks for help)

SECOND IN LINE: I'm speaking to you ma'am, are you Bo Jack?

FIRST IN LINE: No, I'm not... I'm actually a... male. A man. I'm not Bo Jack, I'm waiting to be helped.

SECOND IN LINE: (cutting him off) Hello! Is somebody here?!

POP: (emerging) Hello, yes! I'm Pop, may I help you with something?

SECOND IN LINE: Finally! A little service! Actually, this mailman was here first.

FIRST IN LINE: I'm not...

POP: Hello good sir, welcome to Bo Jack's Lollipop Repair, may I help you with something?

FIRST IN LINE: I'm not a... mailman. I'm just a... regular... man.

POP: Isn't that wonderful!

SECOND IN LINE: He told me he was a mailman.

FIRST IN LINE: I didn't mean... I was just trying to say that I'm not a... you called me ma'am so I...

POP: Can't I help you with something, sir?

FIRST IN LINE: Yes of course, sorry. I'm a producer for the midday show on channel 7. From time to time we...

SECOND IN LINE: Is this an exposé on a rat problem?

FIRST IN LINE: Well no, this... rat problem?

POP: We don't have a rat problem.

SECOND IN LINE: Last week you did an exposé on the rat problem at Shaky's Science Center.

FIRST IN LINE: Oh, you saw that! That was one of my segments.

SECOND IN LINE: It was awful. (to Pop) It turned out there wasn't a rat problem, those were Shaky's own pet rats. He uses them to demonstrate science.

POP: Oh dear.

FIRST IN LINE: There was a lot of... I'm not so sure... I'm still working on getting to the bottom of that incident.

SECOND IN LINE: Oh you're at the bottom all right. How much longer is this going to be?

FIRST IN LINE: Excuse me?

POP: (to Customer 2) Please bear with us just one more moment. (to Customer 1) Sir, I'm afraid that Bo Jack isn't available, he was recently hospitalized due to a frightful welding accident.

FIRST IN LINE: Oh dear, I'm so sorry! Was he... well... was it work-related?

SECOND IN LINE: Are you asking if he was welding a lollipop?!

POP: Oh sir! No! I assure you, we use only the finest glues in our repair process!

FIRST IN LINE: Oh thank goodness! For a moment I... did you say that you use glue to repair these lollipops?

POP: Oh yes sir! It's a powerful industrial adhesive, guaranteed to make the lollipop stronger than ever!

FIRST IN LINE: Really? Is this industrial adhesive safe to eat?

POP: Oh, sir! We strongly recommend against attempting to eat a lollipop once it has been through the repair process. A repaired lollipop is meant to be a keepsake, a memento, a souvenir if you will!

FIRST IN LINE: Oh I see. Of course! Ha,now that you say it, it seems ridiculous... repairing it and then eating it. (turns to Customer 2) I guess I'd have to be a real... horse's ass, wouldn't I?

SECOND IN LINE: (sheepishly opens her mouth) Not necessarily.


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"I am the winter bird, and you are the cold, gray dawn," said the cold, gray dawn to the winter bird.

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This is what DTA's video rough cut of the fourth quarter of the Capture the Flag game looks like with my commentary voiceover laid on top of  it.  The voice-only track was uploaded separately and can be found at 

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This is the voiceover commentary track for the fourth quarter of Capture the Flag.  The track is synced up with DTA's video rough cut of the game, so the first 26 seconds of this RECord are silent.  The upload of the video version is forthcoming... or should I say FOURTHcoming??? (Editor's note: no I shouldn't)

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This is what DTA's video rough cut of the third quarter of the Capture the Flag game looks like with my commentary voiceover on top of it.  The voice-only track was uploaded separately and can be found at

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This is the voiceover commentary for the third quarter of Capture the Flag.  The track is synced up with DTA's  video rough track, so the first 18 seconds of the track are silent.  I'll upload a video version of this as per usual.

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