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Gather 'round kids, Uncle Richie's gonna tell you a story....

Five years ago today I was browsing through all of the RECords that had been released that day - that was a thing one could actually do five years ago on hitRECord, if one was so inclined. I came across a couple of audio RECords that a new user called deeasherself released. The first one was "Blue Elephant", and the other was "I'm on a train". I was so impressed that I immediately had to hit the heart on both of them. 

A couple of days passed, and I couldn't get "I'm on a train" out of my head. I went back to listen to it again and again. At the same time I was perplexed that it still only had 2 hearts - it seemed to still be largely unnoticed. So I decided that I ought to try REmixing it into a video RECord, even though I'd never tried doing anything like that before. But I knew that tori had created a collaboration for subway and train footage, so that gave me a little more confidence that maybe I could find some resources and whittle something together for it.

When I emerged from the wonderful world of IMovie, I ended up with this video. I don't remember the date that I released it on hitRECord - it didn't survive the transition from v3 encoding to v4 encoding. I'm still not sure it was a very good video, but I was elated to find that it succeeded at getting Dee's RECord noticed. Long-time contributor RegularJOE added nancy8385's "You are now leaving the Galactical Zone" piano and gave it the name "Train Now Leaving", the name that would accompany Dee's story on its amazing journey over the next couple of years.

Not long after tori arrived in Park City, Utah for Sundance 2010 she got in contact with me to see whether I could send her my backup copy of the video. If she could get a nice, cleaned-up version of the video put together, it might get screened at Sundance! I don't remember for sure, but I think Dee may not have known about this plan yet. Furthermore some of the video resources had not yet been promoted to v4, so those resources weren't even cleared yet for use in a new production. Needless to say, tori got everyone and everything wrangled together wonderfully, found some awesome new resources to mix into the new video, and the rest is hitRECord history.

There are a million hitRECorders who probably never saw this original version of the video, since it was lost when we transitioned to v4. So on this 5th anniversary of "I'm on a train", I thought it'd be fun to restore this long-lost artifact. Included below are my notes about the resources that I'd used, complete with the v3 RECord IDs.

deeasherself - I'm on a train - rec=7279

Deena - train video - rec=2044
gipsyacidqueen - trainride - rec=2735
Fathom - Playing hide and seek with the sun - rec=4161
nguyenp - At The Park - rec=6144
Hello Lindsayyyyy - Greenfield Village - rec=5571

6 resources

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