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Here is the second version of Boy With The Camera!

It might not look that different to most of you but I replaced a lot of the pictures and added some more pictures and changed the edit a little bit.

There are still a lot of images which I will resource over time.

Anyway enjoy!


Step 1: Open the book.

Step 2: Read all available text and marvel at all available beautiful pictures on the double page.

Step 3: Turn the page.

Step 4: Repeat steps 2 and 3.

Step 5: When the book is now showing its back cover to you, due to your strict obedeince of these steps, repeat all of the steps.

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So here's what I can do:

  • Wrriting- short stories and some poems

  • Editing- I've edited testimonials, a short film and sometimes I'll edit stuff together even if there's no purpose.

  • Photography- I take some pictures every now and then

  • Cinematography- Mainly stock/resource stuff

  • V.O.- I do a little bit

  • Illustrations- I can sometimes do a cool drawing when the mood strikes me

Try me

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A microphone I got for my birthday

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I tried to edit it as little as possible, it was mainly just desaturating the background. Enjoy!

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The government believed in peace and killed anyone who opposed it.

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My bumpers usually aren't the best, but I'm pretty proud of this one. Textful version coming up soon.

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Check out the character descriptions I did to get more of a sense of these characters. I think it'd be cool if superheroes could come up for the Secretary Secrets collab so I used my own heroes I did for the Sidekick Wanted Collab. Anyway enjoy! (even though it's a little too long, sorry)


Considering he was the most famous person in the town of Holderdo, Dr Powseksi thought that he deserved a much better secret HQ then an abandoned gym. He thought that the town should honour him with something cooler like a zeppelin or at least some scented candles.


While the greatest superhero in the town of Holderdo tried to balance the smells of cinnamon and lemongrass in his mind, he changed out of his fluorescent but soot-stained unitard into his set of civilian clothes: a baggy pair of jeans which didn't cover his underwear, a white t-shirt, a black hoody with the hood up to cover his handsome hair and a pair of gold rimmed sunglasses to cover his seductive eyes. And a chain.

Dr Powseksi took his unitard into the office which had two desks; the desk of Sidekick the Sidekick which was small, cheap and bore a lone picture frame surrounded in papers including fanmail, receipts, bills and other things Dr Powseksi couldn't be bothered to read. The other desk was large, grand and clear except for a small bobbly hula girl.

Sidekick the Sidekick was sat at his desk answering a piece of slightly erotic fanmail when Dr Powseksi dropped his unitard on SIdekick the Sidekick's desk. "Clean this for me," he commanded, as he made his way to his own desk.
"Okay," he politely answered.
"Okay what?"
SIdekick the Sidekick sighed. "Okay, doctor."
"Doctor, would you like me to write a press statement apologising for our recent failures?"
"Aftwe tonight, I think that will be necessary. Have it done by tomorrow morning." Dr Powseksi reached into his desk drawer and pulled out a large envelope then handed it to SIdekick the Sidekick. "Also I need you to send this, pronto."
Sidekick the Sidekick read the address on it. "The University of Holderdo?"
"Yeah it was just a little thing they wanted for their student paper. Anyway gotta run, make sure you lock up." With that Dr Powseksi scurried out of the room.

Sidekick the Sidekick looked suspiciously at the letter. Dr Powseksi never answered his own fanmail. He said he was always too busy moisturising. Besides the envelope was so thick; he couldn't have written that much, even if he did have four PhDs.


Sidekick the Sidekick decided to put the envelope and the slightly erotic piece of fanmail to one side and focus on the press statement. Things hadn't been going so well for the superhero duo since Dr Powseksi accidentally tackled an elderly customer in Holderdo's Outdoor Supply Store trying on a ski mask when it was being robbed. Sidekick the Sidekick picked up a lone picture on his desk. Sidekick the Sidekick had been there that night and when the robber was escaping, he had managed to sidekick him. Unfortunately the Holderdo Daily Paper only focusd on Dr Powseksi's mistake and the photographer had only gotten the side of Sidekick the Sidekick in the picture. SInce then, Dr Powseksi had told Sidekick the Sidekick to focus on paperwork.


As Sidekick the Sidekick got bored with writing the press statement, he decided to open the envelope. Just in case Dr Powseksi said anything supid. When he thought about it, it was in everyone's best interest to read it.

Sidekick the Sidekick gasped at the contents. Inside the envelope was a university application for Norman Peterson, which had a photograph inside which bore a huge resemblance to Dr Powseksi. He was married and had a son. But most of Dr Powseksi's job consisted of affairs with women he saved, thought Sidekick the Sidekick.

According to this, he had never gone to university and had no PhDs. He was applying to do a course

Sidekick the Sidekick read on to find out that this Norman Peterson was in fact employed as a model for the Dollar Saviour Store own brand underwear. Sidekick the Sidekick analysed his own underwear in shock. He was wearing their own very underwear, the ones with the whimsical flmaingos on them. According to his personal statement, this job didn't "pay as well" as he wanted. Sidekick the Sidekick was horrified: he had wanted to sell t-shirts as merchandise, but Dr Powseksi had caled them "dorky". However, he did agree to advertising Holderdo Insurance on his cape.

Sidekick the Sidekick could not read on. He thought about it throughout the night and decided to send it to the Holderdo Daily Paper. The town had put so much trust in him because of his qualifications. Holderdo deserved the truth.


That night, Sidekick the Sidekick went to New York to live with his father and became 360 Boy and attacked criminals from all angles. However he was white noise compared to the number of superheroes in New York, such as Weather Vane who was the main reason the east coast has such bad weather.

Norman Peterson went with his family to Pennsylvania and studied to be a doctor instead. To avoid being recognised, he shaved all of his handsome hair and got small, round, thin rimmed glasses to avoid hipsterism.

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The coat was hanging innocently on a hook on the back of my door. It was a horrible coat. It just was. I hated everything about it. It was just so cheap and stupid and I'd had it for years. Yet I had to wear it. I could bear the cold of the winter without it, but my mother insisted I start wearing it. Today. I try to yank it off the hook, but it won't budge. I'd have to carefully lift it off to avoid any fabric damage.

Fuck it.

I hold onto the coat and lean backwards. Eventually something breaks and I fall backwards. As I get up, I realise it's not the coat, it was the hook that has broken off the door.

Oh well.

I put my arms into the sleeves and walk downstairs. As soon as I arrive, my mother forces me to starighten it out so it looks less awkward.

As we're on our way to school and work in the car, I think about why I hate the coat so much. I think it's because it's just one of the many signals that keeps on alerting me of the same message: this is the end of an era.

The end of a beautiful, workfree summer. Sure, the smmer holidays ended long ago, but even before they started, there was this relaxation in life. A calmness. The sun shined occasionly and it rained a lot but it was bearable weather. 

Now, it was back to work. Now the only thing to look forward to was Christmas. It seems less important this year though. Perhaps I'm just older but nothing seems that worthwhile. Even summer.

Everything feels different. Maybe it's just the bitter cold.

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I thought this gif and this tiny story were perfect for each other. It took a lot of work as I'm not used to working with gifs and I did make a few accidental changes to the text but I think it's relatively acceptable.

If it's not, have mercy on my soul. 

Or you can comment and I can change it whenever.

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So I'w's takin' this guy down t'Queen's Lid,

Real posh place by t'London Eye,

When I noticed this Gentleman Squid.

He was standin' outside, smokin' fags,

All on his own, in the freezin' cold.


"A gentleman squid?

Wha's that then?"

Asked my mates.


This Gentleman Squid had a squid's head,

And a man's body with a suave suit.

You could tell he was rich and well read.

When he saw me, he put out his fag,

And strolled over to my ink black cab.


"Wow a gentleman squid

Where did he go?"

Asked my kids.


"King's Cross Station please," said the Gentleman Squid.

When we arrived he handed me his wallet,

And ran off havin' paid me one million quid.

"Cheers mate, keep the change," he shouted back to me,

As he scuttled out into King's Cross Station.


"What did you do after

the gentleman squid left?"

Asked the police.


I booked a flight for Spain for next May,

Courtesy of the Gentleman Squid.

Then we all packed for the holiday.

Afterwards, when we were all sleeping,

The old bill came and took me away.


"So you drove the gentleman squid

Why does that mean you're here?"

Asked my cellmates.


Turns out, the Gentleman Squid,

Was rich, cos he robbed nine banks

And he nicked that million quid.

To make a long story short,

Don't trust a Gentleman Squid.

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Some footage of a pile of coins.

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