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Hi guys, you may not have heard of me: and that's a good thing.

I have been on hitRECord for over three years now. Over the last few months I haven't been active as much as usual due to work, however I am very familiar with the site and I feel that I could best represent the 'average' user of hitRECord. 

My main issue with this search for community representatives is that only the major users of the site who are well-known in the community will be chosen, instead of normal users who make up the majority of the community; the people who haven't been featured on the site or have started a massive collaboration, or been a quintessential piece in the making of several products. Obviously the major users have more experience in the way hitRECord works, but the normal and largely unnoticed users should also have a voice and I think that could be me.

I love hitRECord; I love the show, the records, the ethos, the community, everything.The site has definitely made me a more creative person and I don't know what I would do without it. My main 'abilities' are writing, photography (moving and still) and editing. However the collaborations do have a tendency to favour animators and musicians, as it takes a lot more 'know-how' to animate and play and record music. While there has been a lot more opportunities for writers and photographers such as SFAFF, WWC and the patterns book, I still think more can be done.

Editing needs to be sorted out though. I understand that editing is about moderating and piecing together and that this is better done by the actual, professional editors however...

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Hey hitRECord,

I didn't manage to complete all of my challenges last year (some of them were pretty huge) but I'm confident I'll do better this year.

So guys, here's what I want to...

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The government believed in peace and killed anyone who opposed it.


The coat was hanging innocently on a hook on the back of my door. It was a horrible coat. It just was. I hated everything about it. It was just so cheap and stupid and I'd had it...

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So I'w's takin' this guy down t'Queen's Lid,

Real posh place by t'London Eye,

When I noticed this Gentleman Squid.

He was standin' outside, smokin' fags,

All on his own, in the...

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