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It makes me really proud to get to sign all of these checks for so many contributing artists this year -- 2,906 artists to be precise. The total amount for this round of community payments is $704,789.65 and we're sending checks to more than 65 countries all over the globe.


Since 2010, we've now paid out contributing artists a grand total of $1,920,130.00 (and we'll exceed the $2 million mark by the next round of payments!)


Now, the point of hitRECord isn't really to make money. But this art we all make together generates income and that allows for the growth of our company and community. And I'm really happy that we can continue to make stuff together that we're all proud of.


So, to everyone who is receiving these checks, I want to say thank you for your work and for being a part of this community. Same goes for those of you not receiving checks, for you are no less a part of hitRECord. Money can really only express a small part of that gratitude.


Thanks again <3


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