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Ladies & Gentlemen, I’m very proud to present "In a City", a collaborative short film we made with the support of Samsung Camera.


It's a film about walking through cities - about the textures and character of the streets you know, and the streets you don't. It's based around a collaborative poem - beautifully written and performed by talented artists from the hitRECord community.


For this version of the film, we gave 6 cinematographers a brand new Samsung NX1 camera and sent them out into their city.


We got back beautiful footage from all over the world. This here version is shot entirely on the NX1 and is presented here in 4k, and these are the talented HitRECord cinematographers that made it possible:


• Cairo (shot by Omar Khaled)

• Prague (shot by zitadavid)

• London (shot by JoshPatmore)

• Sheffield (shot by Jordcarroll)

• Tokyo (shot by slicecheeze)

• Rio de Janeiro (shot by ellenferreira)


For the seventh city, I went out and shot footage in my hometown - Los Angeles.


I think we all made something really awesome together, and I'm so proud of it.


So, to the talented cinematographers, writers, voice over artists, and musicians who worked on this project to make it possible - thank you.

And thanks again. <3


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