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Ladies & Gentlemen, I’m very proud to present "In a City", a collaborative short film we made with the support of Samsung Camera.


It's a film about walking through cities - about the textures and character of the streets you know, and the streets you don't. It's based around a collaborative poem - beautifully written and performed by talented artists from the hitRECord community.


For this version of the film, we gave 6 cinematographers a brand new Samsung NX1 camera and sent them out into their city.


We got back beautiful footage from all over the world. This here version is shot entirely on the NX1 and is presented here in 4k, and these are the talented HitRECord cinematographers that made it possible:


• Cairo (shot by Omar Khaled)

• Prague (shot by zitadavid)

• London (shot by JoshPatmore)

• Sheffield (shot by Jordcarroll)

• Tokyo (shot by slicecheeze)

• Rio de Janeiro (shot by ellenferreira)


For the seventh city, I went out and shot footage in my hometown - Los Angeles.


I think we all made something really awesome together, and I'm so proud of it.


So, to the talented cinematographers, writers, voice over artists, and musicians who worked on this project to make it possible - thank you.

And thanks again. <3


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The HITRECORD ON TV Box Set has arrived! And wouldn’t you know it, it’s here just in time for the holidays. :oD

Shipping this week to arrive in homes December 2. Get yours HERE.

And here's some cool news: You can get a FREE 7” VINYL when you pre-order your Season 1 Box Set at Diesel Bookstore HERE!

This exclusive 7” vinyl includes early versions of 4 songs from Season 1 of HITRECORD ON TV. A must-have collector’s item for any fan of the show! This offer is only available through Diesel Bookstore online to the first 500 copies ordered! (IMPORTANT NOTE: All Season 1 Box Set orders placed on HIRECORD’s online RECord Store prior to October 2 will receive a free 7” vinyl. This 7” vinyl will not be available through HITRECORD’s RECord Store for any orders made on or after October 3).


About the Season 1 Box Set:

The Season 1 Box Set of HITRECORD ON TV is the official companion to the Emmy winning series. It includes: 

  • 9 Collectible Books: 8 theme booked for each episode plus a bonus “Making HITRECORD ON TV” book.

  • 8 Episodes: Digital download code for all 8 episodes

  • 17 Songs: Download code for every song featured on HITRECORD ON TV

  • Plus! Bonus 6 special ‘making of’ behind the scenes videos not shown on TV


Thanks again <3


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We Won an Emmy!
RegularJOE Released Aug 13, 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have pretty big news… WE WON AN EMMY! To all of the artists, all over the world that contributed their ideas, writing, music, animation, really ANY kind of RECording: thank you, thank you, thank you!! We all earned this together.

We won the award for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media in the category of Social TV Experience, which means that the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences has recognized our collaborative efforts in making this show together through

So thank you to the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for recognizing the efforts of so many who made a show like HITRECORD ON TV possible. While our main focus as a community is to seek validation in the work we do together, it’s truly an honor to have an established institution like the Emmy’s take notice of our collaborative process.

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t thank our amazing network, Pivot, as they took a chance on this show before we even made the first episode.

So I say it again - thank you all!! I can’t wait for Season 2. In fact, if you are ANY kind of artist, come work with us. We’re in production right now, and it’s going really, really well. So come and join us!

Thanks again


CLICK HERE to watch Episode 1.

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RegularJOE Released Apr 07, 2014

Ya know, a lot of people ask me "What is HITRECORD?" So, I made this new video to explain what it is & how you can contribute to our collaborative productions.

HITRECORD is different than your typical Hollywood production company. Anyone with the Internet can contribute to our collaborative projects & this website  is where we come to make things together, like Short Films, Books, Music, Art, and our latest & greatest production - our television show: HITRECORD ON TV.

You can contribute your Video, Image, Text, or Audio RECords to any of the collaborations we're working on, or you can start your own collaboration on the site.

And if your work gets used in a money-making production, we pay you for it. For their work in 2013, the community is receiving a grand total of $737,175.09.

So, thanks for stopping by. Hope you stick around, I'd love to work with you. Are you RECording?

Thanks again <3


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I'm super-stoked that we're sending out over 1,000 Checks totaling more than $700,000 to 2013's Contributing Artists who reside in 57 different countries all over the world.

I am so proud of all the work we did last year - it was an honor to make it all with you. I know I say this every time we send out checks, but I think it's worth saying each time. The purpose of hitRECord is not to make money. The purpose of hitRECord is to create meaningful works of art together.

That said, nothing makes me happier than to pay our Contributing Artists for all of the hard work you put into making 2013 our best year yet. I'm excited to collaborate with you again in 2014 and beyond.

Thanks again <3


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Ladies and gentlemen, I am beside myself with joy and anticipation :oD It is my sincere pleasure to present the very first episode of HITRECORD ON TV! Watch the entire first episode here before it premieres on television. WATCH EPISODE #1 HERE

Everything you're gonna see on this show was made collaboratively on our site -- -- and the work of 426 Contributing Artists is featured in this particular episode. There's gonna be 8 episodes this season, each revolving around a different theme, like RE: Space, RE: The Other Side, and RE: Money. And since this is our first ever episode, I figured the theme of this one would be RE: The Number One. HITRECORD ON TV will be coming out on January 18th on a new cable channel called Pivot.

I'm deeply proud of this show, and I think you're realllllly gonna like it. Honestly, making this thing together with all the artists from around the world in our hitRECord community has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life so far. So, without any further ado, enjoy the show!

Thanks again <3


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Screencap of an archive of the very very very first version of HITRECORD.ORG -- dan helped me put this up on the internet six years ago today <3

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