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Request List:

  • Music

    • Play your instruments along to one of the five songs
  • Singers

    • Sing one of the five songs
  • Curation

    • If you have any suggestions of what hitRECord songs the band should play - contribute them in an Album
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Dsc_0299 RegularJOE Released May 29, 2015

MUSICIANS & SINGERS: Wanna sing or play an instrument in our Community Band for the June 12th premiere party? Contribute a video of yourself playing your instrument or singing along to one of these songs:

  1. Curious

  2. Mollie the Second Hand Dollie

  3. What They Say

  4. Quality Control

  5. Mirror Music


The main instruments we're looking for are the Drums, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Lead Vocals & Background Vocals. But of…

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