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Request List:

  • Illustration

    • Remix the Bar Set w/ visuals from the community
    • Draw Shelves for the Bar
    • Draw Rows of Empty Glasses
    • Draw a Dish Rag
    • Draw Bottles of Alcohol
    • Draw Misc. items for behind the Bar
    • Draw the Pint of Beer
    • Draw a Cocktail Glass w/ mini umbrella & straw
    • Draw Vivica Virus' Bodysuit
    • Draw Vivica Virus' Extendable Knife Arm
    • Draw Arachned's Mechanical Spider Body
    • Draw Brock Blaster's Hand Blasters
    • Draw Little Boy Boom's Cape
    • Draw Brock Blaster's Cape
    • Draw Little Boy Boom's Tiny Finger Blasters
    • Draw Various Bar Props
    • Draw Gigantic Missile
    • Draw the Rope
    • Draw various Superheroes & their sidekicks
    • Draw people in beach attire
    • Draw Jazz Club Patrons
    • Draw Woody Allen playing the Clarinet
    • Draw BROCK BLASTER Comic Book Cover
    • Draw Comic Book style Streets
    • Draw the Reactor Control Chamber
    • Draw the Lake
    • Draw the Bar
    • Draw Arachned's Liar
    • Draw Vivica Virus' Liar
    • Draw the Clothing Store
    • Draw Eiffel Tower Background
    • Draw Demolished Eiffel Tower Background
    • Draw the Jazz Club
    • Draw a Stage
    • Draw Vivica Virus' Evil Throne
    • Draw Large Digital Countdown Clock
    • Draw Electrical Consoles
    • Draw Teeth Sparkle
    • Draw Torture Devices
    • Draw Lasers
    • Draw Stools
    • Draw Evil Grapes
    • Draw Sport Drink thats says BLASTER JUICE!
    • Draw the Juice Stream
    • Draw Nuclear Reactor
    • Draw Main Console
    • Draw Skimming Stones
    • Draw Ice Cream Cones
    • Draw Sand Castles
    • Draw various Beach Props
    • Draw White House model w/ Catapult & Rock
    • Draw the Dressing Room
    • Draw a Rack of Black Pants
    • Draw Various Clothing Store Items
    • Draw Little Boy Boom's Smart Phone
    • Draw Giant Catapult w/ boulder
    • Draw Jazz Club Table
    • Draw Jazz Club Chairs
    • Draw Booster Seat for Arachned
    • Draw Jazz Instruments
    • Draw Various Jazz Props
    • Draw Blood Spurts
    • Draw Flames & Smoke
    • Draw Speech Bubble that says AH! SOMEBODY HELP ME!
    • Draw Speech Bubble that says I'VE GOT A HEADLINE FOR YOU BRENDA BRIGHT!
    • Draw Typography for #LETSBROCK&ROLL
    • Draw Bubble icon w/ the word BOOM
    • Draw Bubble icon w/ the word SLAP
    • Draw Bubble icon w/ the word POW
    • Draw sign that says PANTS FOR MEN
    • Draw sign that says VIVICA VIRUS ROOM OF DOOM
    • Draw miscellaneous Props for this short film
    • Draw miscellaneous Backgrounds for this short film
    • Draw miscellaneous Characters for this short film
    • Create new cylinders for the evil lair
    • Draw radiation and goo for the evil cylinders
    • Draw monsters that can go inside the cylinder props
  • Animation

    • Animate Evil Sharks in shark tank
    • Animate Brock Blaster's Cape
    • Animate Arachned's Spider Body
    • Animate Vivica Virus' Knife Hand
    • Animate the Missile
    • Animate Lasers
    • Animate Juice
    • Animate Woody Allen w/ Clarinet
    • Animate the Eiffel Tower being demolished by a Catapult & Boulder
    • Animate the Dressing Room Door
    • Animate Visuals for this short film
    • Animate Characters for this short film
    • Animate goo and radiation into cylinders for the evil lair
  • Actors

    • Perform the role of Brenda Bright on green screen
  • Curation

    • Make an Album of your favorite contributions for this collab
  • Other

    • REQUEST VIDEOS: Click here to watch all Request Videos for this collab
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Dsc_0299 RegularJOE Released Feb 09, 2015

CALLING ALL VISUAL ARTISTS! Jordan Kendall designed THIS REALLY COOL BAR for our "Sidekicks" short film and we'd like to see how the community can remix in additional visuals into the back of the set. So, we've uploaded this .png of the back of the bar so anyone can start contributing props and background elements to fill in the transparent area below the tabletop. CONTRIBUTE HERE


Some ideas for elements include:

  • Shelves
  • Dish rag
  • Bottles of alcohol
  • Rows of empty…
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