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Request List:

  • Music

    • Shoot video of yourself rapping over section :22 - :42
    • Upload the isolated stems of your Yo Mama Rap Rebuttal
  • Curation

    • Make an Album of your favorite contributions for this collab
  • Other

    • REQUEST VIDEOS: Click here to watch all Request Videos for this collab
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Dsc_0299 RegularJOE Released Dec 12, 2014

RAPPERS: Listen to THIS REFERENCE EDIT and shoot video of yourself rapping over section :22 - :42. Keep in mind that this rap is a rebuttal to trehouston's "Yo Mama" rap, so please keep your lyrics in praise of mothers. 


NOTE: In addition to your video, please upload the isolated stems of your rap.


ADDITIONAL NOTE: Listen to trehouston's "Yo Mama" rap HERE.


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