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Just jotted down some rough lines for the "Untitled Fire Poem" collaboration that I remixed together from the community's writing. This is the type of train of thought I'm going for with this piece; not something that necessarily rhymes, but writing that sounds like someone talking. Also, I think the writing should really focus on some sincere memories.

Who's up for keeping the fire going as they say, and remixing other contributions together?


Remember that night when we tried to build a fire?

We cursed the wind as our cigarette lighters sputtered and sparked.

Like we’d shamed our ancestors.  Like we didn’t deserve the woods or the dark.

We weren’t survivors; we were imposters.

I thought back to being five years old, when I loved the look of embers trapped inside a stick.

I’d wave it around like a magic wand, and my brother wielded his like a flaming sword.

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