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The National Park Service is celebrating their 100th anniversary in 2016 and I'm extremely honored to announce that hitRECord has been invited to make art inspired by the 400+ national parks found here in the U.S. Throughout 2015 we’ll be making art of all kinds as part of their #FindYourPark campaign.





EVERYONE: Record video of yourself talking about your favorite memories and stories that took place in a U.S. national park

WRITERS: Contribute a piece of writing (script, poem, essay, etc.) regarding the national parks. It could regard your favorite memory, the feeling you had while you were in the park, etc.

CINEMATOGRAPHERS: Grab your camera and shoot footage of national parks

FILMMAKERS: Make a short film based on national parks or your favorite experience and memory you have of visiting a national park

MUSICIANS: Make a song inspired by national parks

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Take photos of national parks

ILLUSTRATIONS: Draw or paint an illustration of the national parks

GRAPHIC DESIGNERS: Create art by remixing together visuals of national parks

ANIMATORS: Create animations regarding national parks or inspired by experiences you’ve had in national parks

VIDEO EDITORS: Cut together footage of national parks into short films or documentaries




Check out a full list of every national park, monument, and historic site that the National Park Service oversees HERE




I’m really looking forward to seeing what we create together for this one, and am extremely proud that the National Park Foundation has provided hitRECord the opportunity to celebrate this milestone.


Thanks again <3


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EVERYONE WITH A CAMERA: RECord your thoughts on National Parks for our "Find Your Park" collaboration. CONTRIBUTE HERE

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