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I want us all to make a short film all about “The In-Between Moments" - you know, those beautiful little moments in our day that happen in-between all the important stuff. This is gonna be the first short film to come out of hitRECord's new partnership with LG.

For this short film, there will be three elements — music, cinematography and writing.


Here’s how anyone can get involved:


VOCALISTS + MUSICIANS: Replicate the audio parts that are in THIS DEMO  - then build off of it, embellish it, go crazy with it by adding your own hums, melodies, harmonies, percussion, beats, anything.


Here are some things to keep in mind when contributing your audio -

  • You can download THESE PARTS to choose which individual tracks you would like to replicate, then change & make it your own.

  • No instruments - remember the point is to make music naturally in the In-Between Moments.

  • When singing along, please try making open mouth sounds (rather than closed mouth sounds, like humming).

  • The percussion we’re looking for are taps on a coffee cup, feet tapping while walking down the street, beat box, other forms of mouth percussion, etc.



  • Please shoot your video + audio selfie style.

  • Please make sure you are holding your device horizontally in a 16x9 frame.

  • While shooting your footage, listen along to THIS DEMO through earphones. (Please make sure the earphones are not prominent in the frame. No white earphones)

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Be mindful of background noise when recording your video + audio. If it is too loud, we won’t be able to use your part.

  • Keep in mind the overall concept of this short film - The “In-Between Moments.” Record your footage naturally in these moments - don’t set up a shoot to contribute.

  • You can find all the technical notes HERE.




CINEMATOGRAPHERS: Find the “In-Between Moments” all around you and capture them in beautiful shots.




WRITERS: Think about a specific memory you have from an “In-Between Moment,” then write it down in a simple, intimate, confessional, and natural language.


TEXT CURATORS: Curate your favorite pieces of writing into a text record or an album.




* The deadline for this request is Sunday, September 6th.




I’m really excited to announce that LG is going to support this short film by sending out 50 smartphones to help us capture these in-between moments. These LG smartphones will be sent out to contributors of this project whose audio and video is most resonating with our Resident Curators on the site.


However, everyone can work on this project since we’ll be making two version of this short film - one where the audio and video is captured exclusively on LG smartphones, and the other where everybody can participate. And anyone whose work is used in either version will get paid.


I think this is gonna come out really differently than anything we’ve ever made before, and I’m excited to see what we make together.


I wanna thank LG, and I wanna thank you too, of course.


Thanks again <3


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