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"Can't you see it?" The young child screamed, "It's there, right there, just open your eyes and see!"

But, alas, the man could not or did not want to see and went on unbelieving and living in misery.


The old man sat at the window, watching the snow storm grow stronger, more cold and more violent. Memories of his past formed in the breaths he blew upon the pane and for a moment he found himself captured by them once again...

He was a child, it was the first time he had been in the snow. He could remember the feel of it upon his skin, cold at first but then warming and inviting. It called to him, "Jump in me" it said and he listened. Head first and the world went black. Then, upon emerging once more, a more brilliant white then he'd ever seen before. He remembered hot chocolate and snowmen, remembered the feel of a freshly fallen snowflake upon his tongue and all the joy it would bring.

Then he was 22, cold and alone. Nowhere to call home except the small corner of a building left abandoned years ago. He had made a simple fire but nothing could keep out this cold. The snow piled around him, and what blankets he had were moist and dirty. He remembered thinking each night was the end, that soon, the storm would take him, and bury him. Leaving him a gruesome icicle for some one to find come spring.

Then he was 30. He found himself a prisoner of the war, day in and day out toiling in the slush and ice. But the snow would be his savior, this blizzard would bring him home. They were escaping now, him and a couple of other men. They left a trail of bloody snow behind them, the deaths though necessary, something he wont soon forget. But they were free, and as the rejoiced and cried, memories of that first snowfall returned to him and he dove head first into a nearby pile...

...The old man snapped back to reality. He took one more glance out the window the turned to the small figure lying next to him, "Son," he said picking him up ever so gently, "Let me tell you a story about the first time I saw snow."

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Unknown Man: Heeellloooo? Are you awake? Is anybody home? (Chuckles)

A body hangs upside down in a dimly lit room, slowly beginning to come to

Unknown Man: Wake Up!

Jack's eye's shoot open, suddenly aware of the situation he was in

Unknown Man: Ah, good morning sunshine. Did you have a nice little nap?

Jack: Fuck You!

Unknown Man: Come on now, is that any way to treat a person you've just met?
Let's try this again. Good Morning, my name, well, that really isn't important right now but yours might be.

Jack just stares into the man's dark amber eyes, looking for a weakness, hoping for an opportunity

Unknown Man: Okay, you see, this is the part where you tell me what your name is.

Jack: Fuck you!

Unknown man: Alright, I guess you'd rather do things differently.

Than man looks up and into the darkness

Unknown Man: Shoot her

A gunshot rings out in the silence, the light quickly glows and then fades to darkness again
from somewhere else in the dark a little girl's scream is heard.

Little Girl: Mommy!

Jack twists and turns, trying to find the source of his daughters cries

Jack: You son of a Bitch, I'm gonna kill you.

Unknown Man: You're gonna kill ME? but why? It wasn't me that killed your wife, Jack. No, you did that when you decided you wanted to play the hero.
Well, Jack, do you think you've saved the day.

The man laughs as he slowly walks around Jack's body

Unknown man: Bring out contestant number two

Jack: No, Mindy! Please, what do you want?

Unknown man: It's not what I want, it's what you want. I've got what I want but I do have a feeling there is something you might be in need of, something that it just so happens I may be able to help you with. So tell me, what is that I have that you desire, and what are you willing to sacrifice to get it?

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