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Yaay! Money arrived today! Thank you all so much for your encouragement, creative energy, and inspiring pieces of work! To the new folks: keep at it! 


So, em, doing this sort of thing is really hard for someone who A) doesn't have After Effects, B) doesn't have a particularly good video editor. But I had an idea! So here it is.

Made by painting a watercolour, poking holes in it and shining a light behind it. I overlaid two different shots of the punctured watercolour. 

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I seem to be on a kick of doing hybrid animals! Last time was a butterfly and an owl, this time it's a daisy and an iguana. Perhaps someone can come up with a story for her!

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This was shot on the train, Halifax to Moncton, and edited on the reverse trip. I'm not the best editor or shooter (or actor!) but it was a good exercise. If anyone is interested in the raw footage, i'd be happy to supply it.

Music is the original tiny tune that Stephen Trask posted. I feel like the train suits the rhythm nicely.

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Based on one of my favourite myths. This comes from Haida legend.

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Not sure where this idea came from. A little birdie told me?

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This is a remix of count's fab original sketch. Done in gig poster style inspired by the work of Bob Masse. EDIT: Wow! Thank you all for the feedback. I'm honoured!

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This is a lower quality version of the drawing. I used my camera rather than the scanner. At least you can see the whole thing! The joke comes from a line in the play about puppets not being able to be lewd because of not having any sex organs. Hence the kiltlifting.


[Puppet Leander.] Here, Cole, what fairest of fairs Was that fare, that thou landedst but now at Trig-stairs?

[Cokes.] What was that, fellow? Pray thee tell me, I scarce understand 'em.  

[Leatherhead.] Leander does ask, sir, what fairest of fairs Was the fare that he landed, but now, at Trig-stairs?  

[Puppet Cole.] It is lovely Hero.  

[Puppet Leander] Nero?  

[Puppet Cole] No, Hero.

Ben Jonson, Bartholomew Fair, 1614

(Hundreds of years later, reinvented as Abbot and Costello's Who's on First?)


(copied the description from the narrower, but higher quality one resourced to this image)

I've been working on this piece for about a week. This is too large to fit on my scanner, so it's missing a lot of detail to the left and right. It's a donation for an art auction to a theatre company here called Vile Passeist who produce non-Shakespearean plays of the Elizabethan and Jacobean era. They're doing a production of a play called Bartholomew Fair.

It was quite the experience to work slowly on something. My stuff is usually intricate, but I still work on stuff in one or two sittings. This was probably about 15 hours all-told. It was also a little nerve-wracking to know that I couldn't correct any mistakes in Photoshop, and that it had to be good to be worthy of an art auction!

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just before i died, my life flashed before my eyes.
but it flashed so slowly that i lived it all again.
and again and again.. (text by rowrowrow)

I took themetafictionist and left-coast-jane's advice and made her happy about seeing her life replayed rather than sad. I also added details in the film strip eyes.

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Alternate title: Faces on a Plane (someone gets a cookie if they spot the anomalous time on a clockperson and know why) Inspired by rayperez' "time zones" tiny story:

"Each time zone kept its own time zone name,

although, in every zone time behaved exactly the same.

From place to place, it kept a steady pace,

but every clock wore a different face..."


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This mix took a lot of inspiration from "For love of the cinema" by librarygirl6. I used a lot of the same resources and the same public domain footage. This isn't as refined as I'd like it to be, but it's Canada Day! So I can't stay home all day and fine tune it (terrible, I know!)

Public domain stuff:



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I'm trying to get better at using colour, so I decided to colourize this vacation sketch. I sampled the colour scheme from wirrow's piece resourced below.

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