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Ohhh this is one of the most daunting projects I have ever done.

I've had acne for years. Combine that with some pretty bad eczema and it's resulted in a pretty sore face. I have scars across the lower half, each blemish turning into a purply mark which never really goes away.

Being without makeup always leaves me feeling really exposed and vulnerable. I am terribly self-conscious about it.

BUT, I also wanted to try and view it in a more positive light. So forgive my beginner photography attempts. Hopefully this is the start of caring less about it. <3


"I would like to challenge you to pick one of your 5 earliest audio records on the site, try to listen to it as if it wasn't yours, take your camera and take a photo (or a set of 3 photos) that will be inspired by the experience <3"

I chose one of my earliest "song" records, and this has always been one of my favourites! I imagined Epochonus Groove as very film noir, very sexy, very dangerous. There's something suffocating and intense about the imagery in the song, so that is what I tried to recreate in the photos:

Passion, Seduction, Danger

3 down! <3

(PS: I'll upload the individual photographs and resource :)) 

(PS: I couldn't get the collage to come out any bigger, so I can upload the individual pictures if needed!)

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A short film and my first attempt at directing something rather serious. Filmed in London a few weeks ago. Thank you to the incredible people who made it happen, I love you all!

Starring Pantoufle

Directed by Pamagotchi

Cinematography and Editing by missamerica_

Story & Script by CaptClare

Voiceovers by Tdolan and Pamagotchi      

Music by Joerud

Audio by Krrr

Special thanks to missamerica_ for being there all the way. Love you, leaf <3

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I haven't been able to get this song out of my head all week, so I just wanted to have a go singing it! Also, first record with my new mic lent very kindly by Joerud...still working on the hiss, but it's so wonderful to have a chance to play with nice equipment!


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A Tiny Film from the britRECord house of awesomeness!









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A contribution for both re: Secrets and re: The Other Side.

What is it like to be the secret?


Take me to the grave

I’m yours to keep forever


Take my knots and thoughts

I’ll come back for you once more


And though I try, try, try

And I can’t keep this locked inside

Like a weighted stone I know

I will sink the more I try to hide


Keep me in your pocket

No one needs to see


Hide me in the background

No one will need to believe


And though I know, know, know

I’m breaking hearts and bones

Like a tired bird I’ll cry

I’ll fall the more I try to soar


No one knows I’m here

No one knows I’m here

All I have is your fear

To keep me here

To keep me here

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I love, love, love, learning languages. It's something that you can always carry with you, that no one can take away from you.


It won't let me resource the stems, which are available here for remixing here

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Really inspired by hubrist's music! Have also been listening to a lot of Daughter, which undoubtedly helped shape this <3


Angles, sore

Problems peak

The dress you wore

A white flag, a sign for me to speak


I’m an open book

Floating bones,

So scoop me up

And look

I’m yours to own


Two feet tense

We’re here to run

We’re here scream

We’re here to find a reason

Give me any reason

To make it easy to leave

To scream

To shout

Give me a reason

To find an easy way out


Hands in dirt

Sand in throat

Looks are furtive

Insults float


Two feet tense

We’re here to run

We’re here scream

We’re here to find a reason

Give me any reason

To make it easy to leave

To scream

To shout

Give me a reason

To find an easy way out


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Low Res Version: the High Res version won't upload! :(

My first baby steps back into video editing...


I had an idea inspired by joerud's "What I Saw" and vatever's Universe drawing . bitfilm's "Stay Away" was the perfect footage for the idea I had in my head.

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A couple of weeks ago, a collaboration was born between Peppina, Metaphorest and myself! We decided to create a traditional Christmas ballad just in time for the 2012 holidays. Peppina came up with the concept and melody, and Metaphorest penned the beautiful lyrics, before we all put our voices together to produce the final mix!

We had so much fun making this and I want to thank the amazing Peppina and Metaphorest for the opportunity to work with them!

Merry Christmas everyone!

PS: We would love to hear remixes of this! More instruments, more voices...I'll get the stems up ASAP!

Concept, Melody and Instruments by Peppina

Lyrics and Harmony Concept by Metaphorest

Produced and Mixed by Pamagotchi



It’s Christmas Eve

And a lonely old house

Sits silently up on the hill

Wishing for someone

To fill it again

With life, love and Christmas goodwill


They say that it’s haunted

Since this day each year

The empty old house comes alive

With smoke in the chimney

And twinkling lights

The place tries to tempt you inside


See one winter in wartime

On Christmas Eve night

Many long years ago

The old house was buzzing

With festive cheer

And the family sang ‘Let it Snow’


When they'd sung all their carols

They sat down to eat

Then sounded a siren so shrill

On that sad Christmas Eve

Those poor souls had to leave

Their happy old house on the hill



When carols ring out in December

Wrapped in a blanket of snow

One lonely house remembers

Christmasses long ago.


Now it’s Christmas Eve

And the lonely old house

Longs for a friend to stop by

But there’s no one in sight

On this wintery night

Who would dare set foot inside


But one lonely soul

A man new to the town

Has been looking for lodgings in vain

He asks and he begs

But all anyone says

Is ‘we’re full, sir, now please go away’


Then a flicker of hope

From the hilltop glows

What a wonderful, welcoming sight

So he hikes up the hill

To the lonely old house

Where he hopes he can stay for the night


There he dines like a king

And he dances and sings

To the tunes the old piano plays

And together the man

and the old house rejoice

As the bells ring out for Christmas Day



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