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So here it is, my finished edit of Word From Wirrow, RE: Patterns. I say it's finished, but it's only complete in as much as anything on hitRECord is ever complete.

Thanks to everyone for all the helpful feedback throughout this project. Thanks to everyone who's wonderful resources helped create this piece. And finally, a big thanks to Kevin Maistros for suggesting the "Are We RECording?" collab as a source of lots of individual faces. Great idea, Kevin - it made the last part so much easier.

As always, I welcome feedback. If there's any part of this that bugs you - feel free to comment, or remix it to put your own spin on it. Thanks again. <3


After many delays and distractions, finally, finally I have gotten this to a place where I am ready to release it.

My intent was to capture the spirit and fun of the "hitRECord On The Road Tour," to share with those who were unable to attend, and to provide a walk down memory lane for those who did. Nothing flashy, no "special effects" - just like being there.

I tried to balance the content from the 6 shows, and use a bunch of different user RECords. There were so many great RECords out there, thanks to everyone who uploaded their videos, pics and audio from the shows. It made this little project of mine a lot of fun.

Hope you enjoy.

**Updated 2/12/13 to include correct cover art - only change.

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When I heard humunkulus' remix of "Back & Forth" the first time I couldn't get it out of my head and had to put some images to it.

The repetition of "Back & Forth" in the lyrics got me thinking about loops, and routines, and all of the daily stuff we have to do. I used imagery of commuting, public transporation, etc. because they represent communal loops, yet we rarely connect with those sharing our loop. I wanted the pace to build and feel escalatingly frenetic, because isn't that how life is? A year used to seem like forever, but now it's gone before I know it.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun searching the site for various clips, so thanks to anyone and everyone who was resourced for the great RECords. Hope you enjoy how I remixed your material.


EDIT: Finally able to resource everything - 6/5/13


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This was really fun, but there are a LOT of beats to that song!

In addition to the resources cited, additional public domain footage from was used.

I didn't finish all the looping at the end. Maybe tomorrow.

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My interpretation of a potential video for "The Boxsets - Good Nights Demo" for the Good Nights collaboration.

Thanks to all the artists who uploaded the various resources used in this REMIX, including (and in order of appearance):

the boxsets, Justin Marshall Elias, catamaranwestern, Matt Conley, the Rane Drop, tcardamone, Dianni, KellyChase, marcellepallais, Thouze, EtienneAllardB, cereus, jehuGarcia, debit72, CaptClare, rawmotion, MunDhi, Iuy, Francaatje, and Gogi.


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