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Made up this little Jazz progression and guitar solo tonight. Anyone wanna put more stuff on it? It's pretty bare at the moment.

101bpm 4/4 G#minor

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I really liked MadisenMusic's idea, so I added some movement in the picture, rolling credits and some music by MadisenMusic...

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if you have yet to see SofiasCat's "Grandpa Jorge," go check it out! :)

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-I don't REmix RECords often, but I couldn't help myself when I saw this image by FollyA. 

-After seeing this photo, I instantly had this idea where all of these pine cones that were dropping off of trees were really little dancers letting go of the branches.  I imagined beautiful music surrounding hundreds of 'falling dancers.'  OR she could even be the last pine cone to fall, fitting into The Number One collab.  Or it could be a love story between the last TWO, a male and female falling together.  Maybe a ppeppina piece?  Something like the tiny song, 'CRASHING.' :)

Maybe I'll try to develop some sort of story out of this idea.

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That's one funky bird.

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today is my seventeen hundred thirty-ninth day taking this train to work. across from me a lady silently weeps. i am surrounded by people that live in their own misery while i live in mine. not that i am miserable, mind you. i could use a little more sleep and a little more money but who couldn't? i wear a stoic mask of granite wrinkles and this lady cries. her emotion makes me uncomfortable so now i am a little bit sleepy and a little bit poor and a little bit uncomfortable. my eyes dart away as hers come near. i dont want her to make mine wet too.

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edit again: I was able to post the video on Youtube. Check it.

edit: Video won't play, so I just typed up a text thank you.
And this is why I don't have any video records. They just don't upload on here for me.


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So, Marie Bee challenged me to remix "dunno" by NiktheMezzo.

Her exact words were to "KA-POW it up," so I really hope I did.

Also, great track NiktheMezzo! I love soundpainting and this was beautiful to begin with.

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THe Boxsets Has a damn good Idea about Compliment battles, Kampaign also wants it in our community, this is just a basic Idea of a beat for the battle, i re reced it off of Nikthemezzo's Piano Progression. Its still in rough format, But I hope you like it!

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It has been an emotionally draining week for me to say the least, but I did my best to get it together today to share these. These audio re-recs also double as old/new project suggestions. 


  • "don't tell my bird" - amferraro .  More than anything, I'm re-recommending us go back and take a listen to the work of amferraro.  For this particular track, we would probably need to contact amferraro to get the stems....hmmm... BETTER YET!!! We can make a big creative love note of a video for him, and see if he wants to work together on something.  Does anybody know him?  How do we reach out and say hey?  I'd love to try and collectively talk / hear from our artists in a more direct, personal way when moving forward on community directed projects of their work.  It could maybe make us all feel more connected to the production process.

  • "Got My Hair Cut" - kampaign and pixelpilgrim.  I will always love this song.  Let's finish the song and make the video, period.  Its beyond brilliant.  Kampaign does a wonderful job of meeting Pixel in the middle and really expanding on the lushness of the track.  Pixel's lyrics on here are extra sharp. I'd love to hear Kampaign and Pixel's thoughts on it as well.


  • RecularCharlie's "Telekinesis is Real" would be super fun source material to just have hundreds of versions of.  It is short, moving, and funny too (intro and outro).  Adam Halogen and DevinLevi have already hit the ground running with incredibly different but effective remixes.  This could be fun and might just be something that we showcase on our YouTube channel, but it would drum up intrigue for the site because its so damn magnetic.  I'd love to hear Charlie's thoughts on it.

  • "Cold Air, Warm Heart" - Started as a video challenge fulfillment by Traiedein.  She interepreted some work of 23rdJokers and made this lovely piece.  She was quick to make it in an audio file and put up the stems so its remix-ready.  I'm also using this as an opportunity to do a blanke re-recommendation of Traiedein as an artist.  I'd love to hear her thoughts on where she think it might go.  

cover artwork by the immensely talented and generous artist shareheads. 

audio bed provided by dan's wonderful "stereophonic fire".


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