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I read the poem and as soon as i saw the video, i  knew i had to remix Edwards spoken word version. 


There was you

There was pity

There was a view of

Pill City as I asked you to leave

What a mess we made

Your perfect form and my perfect grace

Leaving your tongue tasting like

Vomit and promises you can't keep

And I don't need


Still not get it yet?

I've never meant a word I've ever said

Set the records straight

It could happen one day

Your name could be out of the red

You could be faceless


But you'd still walk backwards if it wasn't for him

Yet he still forgives you, your every forced confession

It's a long walk home to be killed on your doorstep


Pill City framed your silhouette

The mess we make in your shape with no dress

In a shape I've never seen

The lights are off with the bets, like you promised me


You've lost your coat and it's 7° below zero

But, somehow, you're not cold

Expecting his face around every corner

Because rumours travel fast and you're sure he knows

You've stumbled around for what feels like hours

Still you're nowhere near your home

You're clear cut regret and you're forgetting what happened

But it's 3am and he still hasn't shown


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simple and to the point.
any ideas for some sound effects or music that would fit nice?

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