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A train ride away
Mrs Hock Released Jun 14, 2012

I hate that there’s a train that could bring me right to you.

If I left right now I could be with you in about an hour.

Isn’t that the craziest thing?

We live worlds apart but when I break it down

You’re really just a train ride away

If I wanted to I could just board that train and go see you.

I could knock on your door and you would open it

And the moment we’d lay eyes on each other

There it would be:

That magic thing.

And you would forget

And I would forgive

And we both would be happy

At least for a little while

Just as long as our eyes were open

Just as long as they never opened again


I wish I could have met you

Because with your words

You say so much of what

Is going on inside of me

You dare to speak the things

Going through my head

And put in words the feelings

Of my...

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Mrs Hock Jan 22, 2012

Today I realized I got something important back that I lost a few years ago when I got *****.

And there's so much that I lost that day and so little of that can I put into words but...

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There once was a girl without a heart. She wasn’t born without it as you might think but came into this world just like you and I. Ten fingers, ten toes, two arms, two legs, one...

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