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I opened my eyes.
A bright yellow light shot into my room.
Warmth enveloped me.

I looked out the window and saw three children playing in the yard.
One was young, probably four.
One was old, maybe fourteen.
But the last…
The last was… different.
Age was something that this child didn’t seem to have.

The ageless child was glowing,
And I knew then the light was coming from it.
It turned to the other two children,
It spoke.
And although it was across the way,
I could hear it clear as day.

The child said,
“I feel it’s time to head inside,
What say you?
I’m feeling slow, and rather tired.
What say you?
The light in me, may seem to hide,
But it is not gone.
And though in light, you seem admired,
It certainly is not gone.”

It took the hands of the other two.
It led them through a bright blue door.
Into the house
Across the

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Mr.Hallywood Released Mar 28, 2012