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Ruined Piano
Mr. Loveless Released Feb 05, 2012

Nine months ago, I looked you in the eyes,

I had no doubt you loved me.

I loved you too.

My joy was never higher:

Our first kiss,

The day we took our vows,

The first night we spent together,

They didn’t even come close.

God gave us this power,

And I am eternally grateful.

Still, I ever don’t expect to

Understand completely

The mysteries of God.

Not in this lifetime.

When you whispered it was a girl,

A life flashed before my eyes:

Sleepless nights as she cries for us.

Her first feeble steps across our living room carpet.

Holding her hand as she walks to the first day of kindergarten.

The energy and destructive force of slumber parties.

The pains and frights of Puberty.

The best friend that stays by her side

Through thick and thin.

The crushed soul of her first broken heart.

Then later, when she meets a handsome young man

Who treats her like the daughter of god she is,

Getting married, raising her little girl.

She would be so happy.

And even when she wasn’t

I would always be there for her

I would try my best to be

A worthy father.

You pushed and pushed and pushed,

And despite your growing pain

All I could do was watch.

The world was holding its breath.

I was ecstatic.

Through your screams

I could tell you were happy too.

We had life in our eyes.

When it happened, everything silenced.

The doctor looked at me,

A tear rolled down his cheeks.

My heart shattered.

My weak thumb brushed her lovely face,

As I handed her to you.

The moment you held her,

The life in your eyes evaporated.

She was beautiful.

Damn, she was beautiful.

A nurse ran out of the room.

Hot tears rolled down my face.

My strength was gone.

I was broken.

I can’t...

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Mr. Loveless Feb 05, 2012

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