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My chest holding back

my leaping heart,

My breath climbing over

the tops of the charts.

The anticipation of the waiting and

the unknown,

The wondering if...

Am I in this alone?

The uncertainty of the

approaching pursuit.

A "Wish me luck!" and an

awkward salute.


A doubt in my mind that

this is worthwhile,

Or questioning the value of just

knowing your smile.

by Moviestar2489 ago

Chapter 1

A Brief Introduction to S.P.R

It has recently been brought to my attention that an epidemic of stupidity is sweeping our nation. 9 out of 10 people will be affected by stupidity in their lifetime. In a premptive effort to protect the dwindling population of smart people I have established a system for identifying the stupid. The use of S.P.R (Stupid People Radar) isn't merely a groundbreaking technique I have been practicing for decades, it is a highly regarded guide to survival. While SPR does not ward off stupid people, it...

I am from...

Backwards beginnings,

Halfway finished innings.Solid family ties,Sunny, southern skies.Never ending nights,Highly anticipated flights.Pinky swears,I don't cares.Neglected swing sets,I'll never forgets.Bonfires after dark,After hours in the park.Eggs sunny style,Mother's loving smile.Broken viola strings,Plastic diamond rings.Half baked schemes,Unrelenting dreams.
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by Moviestar2489 ago

For anyone else the silence would have been deadly. The stillness in the air was suffocating enough as it was. The young man set aside his battered notebook, careful not to cause further damage to the beaten cover and wrinkled pages. Looking mournfully towards the window he hesitated and moved further into the safety of the shadows. He resisted the urge to use the last of his remaining strength to shimmy the decaying window shut. One could not be too careful these days. Warm air drifted into the house and he could taste the bitter,...

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Some of you are probably curious about how I would handle myself if I were found face to face with Keanu Reeves, most of you probably aren't curious at all. I'm just remarkably bored today so yea...

Keanu: Hi! Would you like my autograph?

Me: Oh God, please tell me this is a nightmare...

Keanu: Umm... I'm not sure I follow you, maybe you meant to say dream?

Me: No, most definitely meant to say nightmare. Or horror film, as long as you're cast as the ax murderer. But we all know that's a stretch.

Keanu: Do you have any idea who you're...

A large red button caught her attention. She decided to press it.

As she did she held her breath and a shiver of anticipation skated down her spine. She drove her finger into the button and suddenly the world went dark. All was silent except for the continuous drumming of her heartbeat, roaring in her ears.

She just wanted to go out.
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It was spread too thin.
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