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by Mottelz

Major thanks to both Seth & Samantha for their quick responses to my requests for the resources.


This is my 500th RECord, so I wanted to do something special.

This is also the last time I ever attempt to animate anything (seriously, I had no idea how much patience it takes to animate something as simple as this. I could never imagine trying to anything more complex, and don't even get me started on rendering.)

I will upload the audio and zipped project (audio, PSD and AE project files all included) separately.

Hope you enjoy.

(I'm not sure about how it looks, but trust me it was hard. I spent over 4 hours to produce this clip which is under a minute long.)

by Mottelz
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For CaptClare's ToC Round 3 Collab. Hope someone uses this. all colors used in the text were taken from the Offical Brand Assets.

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I think I doubt myself too often.

I think I'm better than I think I am.

I think I think too much.

I know I'm not the only one.

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“How in the hell did you survive that.”


“Sounds like an incredibly stupid thing to do.” 

“As are most decisions I make. But what are you gonna do?”

“You could try thinking before you act.”

“Now where would the fun in that be?”

“So, you are of the school that states to live one must be charged full of adrenaline.” 

“That’s what they tell me. I like to think of it as surviving things I shouldn’t be doing. If you're not doing that, where’s the challenge in life?”

“So to you, the challenge is to survive stupidity.”

“To put it in a nutshell yes.”

“To me it is to find the funny. To see the extraordinary in the ordinary.”

“Seems like you spend a lot of time looking.”

“I spend even more than that apologizing for being late.”

“Why’s that?”

“Looking takes time, and so does enjoyment.”

“And what of bad days?”

“What about them?”

“What to you is a bad day? Is it a day when you don’t find a reason to laugh?”

“It might be but I have never had such a day.”

“But you must have bad days.”


“Because everybody does.”

“So, let them. I don’t. Something bad might happen to me, even a series of bad things. But I have always found that if I look hard enough I can find some reason to smile, something to enjoy, a reason to laugh.”

“Teach me. Teach me to laugh at life the way you do.”

“On one condition.”

“What is it?”

“Teach me to sky dive.”

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Having no friends in her new home, she decided to build one.

Soon the other children joined her, and the little girl wasn’t lonely ever again

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Jack and Jill went up the hill.

“To fetch a pail of water”

Jack fell down

Or managed to drown

And Jill got the

Insurance after.

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What if time stood still and nobody noticed?
It would definitively prove that we are 4 dimensional beings. But no one would be able to record it.

What if we all forgot the same thing at the same time?
Then someone could get full credit for rediscovery.

What if desert was the most important meal of the day?
You mean it isn't???

What if birds swam under water and fish flew in the air?
Already asked and answered. (see Too Many Answers by me refernced below.)

What if news reporters were banned from using irony for a week?
Then it would be easier to tell when they were being pointlessly hateful.

What if no one liked chocolate?
Then the Swiss would only be famous for their watches.

What if we all stopped talking just to give our mouths a rest?
Then other people might hear the voices in our heads.

What if our only means of communication was to hum jingles from popular televisions commercials?
People would rise up against copyright lawyers, who would try to sue people for communicating without express written permission from the owners of the jingle.

What if yes meant no and no meant maybe?
Then positive people would be negative and negative people would never make up their minds.

What if elephants forgot?
I would have to get a new PA.

What if we had to wear really heavy shoes to keep from floating away?
Then football (aka soccer) would be a much harder sport.

What if a meteor was heading towards the earth but when if finally hit it turned out to be a piñata and everyone got candy?
Then everyone would start believing in Willy Wonka

What if everyone finally got all the work done and everyone went home?
Then families would have to spend time together, and all hell would break loose.

by Mottelz
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1: I fucked it up again.

2: What did you do this time

1: I think I over-shared.

2: Why?

1: Because I wasn't getting a reply.

2: How do you know that you're the reason you weren't getting reply?

1: I don't. That's what's eating at me.

2: Do you know what your problem is.

1: That I spend too much time in my own head.

2: It's more than that.

1: So what is it?

2: It's that you forget no one else does.

1: How do you mean?

2: Take this most recent fuck up, what happened?

1: Well I met someone. We agreed to do a project together. But I spent way too much time obsessing on that project. Which in turn, meant I sent way too many emails discussing it. Which in turn, I'm pretty sure scared her off.

2: Did you just send her emails about the project?

1: No.

2: Do you think that might have been where you fucked up?

1: Maybe, Hell I don't know what to think.

2: What do you think you over-shared?

1: Just bits and pieces about me and my day.

2: If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently?

1: Establish time frames, and work on other things as well.

2: Do you think that's possible?

1: Yes, but I honestly don't know if I'm reading this whole thing wrong.

2: How's that?

1: It could be she's just been busy, or doesn't check that email address that often, and since I spend too much time in self doubt I keep sending emails to an empty house that she'll only check once in a while.

2: And when she does she'll find way too much there, and it'll freak her out.

1: There is always the other possibility.

2: What's that?

1: That she'll get it. That she's just as obsessive in some other aspect of her life and she'll get it.

2: Wow, I'm glad I'm not you.

1: Why is that?

2: Because you seem to have the type of hope that can cripple someone.

1: The last time this happened, the girl knew what to do.

2: What was that?

1: She just told me 'fuck off'.

2: And that worked?

1: It hurt, it sucked, but yeah it worked.

2: So I guess the upside you're not dangerously delusional.

1: Nope, just obsessive and filled with self doubt.

2: Hey who isn't?

1: Most people.

2: Good to know you're self aware enough to understand that.

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I loved Jsk's remix of this awesome piece. I just changed the words and added some color. It's the same story though.

by Mottelz
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Somewhere out there in the universe is a silver pocket watch that grants wishes. On the front of the watch is engraved a five pointed cartoon style star. The watch doesn't allow just anyone to open it, but if you're lucky enough to take a look inside you'll see a message that seems too big yet somehow manages to fit perfectly. The message reads:

This watch will grant you one wish but there are 4 conditions:

1) You cannot wish for more wishes *1.

2) *2 You cannot use your wish to change history *3.

3) You cannot save the world *4, so don't waste your wish on world peace *5.

4) Soon after your wish has been fulfilled this watch will disappear, don't bother looking for it.

*1 If you try this anyways, it will leave you with nothing but a severe case of Diarrhea for up to 1 week.

*2 This clause was put in to comply with IAS (International Association of shrinks) standards.

*3 Even though all of time has already happened this watch still considers history anything before the present

*4 If you didn't learn this yet sorry kid.

*5 That is a dick move invented by people who don't want to admit what they'd really want on national television, because they know it will make them look like the self-obsessed person they are.

What the watch doesn't say is that it grants every wish in one of two ways:

1) It gives you want you really wanted. Example: A girl wishes to become famous. What she really wanted is to mean the world to someone; she'll fall in love and be happy forever.

2) It gives you a twisted version of your wish. Example: A girl wishes to become famous. She becomes famous for being the dumbest woman in the world (all because of one bad day) and the fame lasts forever.


Author's Note: I think this would be a great collab idea for a series of short stories about different people getting the pocket watch. If anyone agrees let me know and I'll put it up.

by Mottelz
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"Dear Stars,
Due to a lack of positive results, I have decided to stop wishing on you guys.
Instead I plan on doing things for myself.
Sincerely, Timmy"

by Mottelz
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Originally "I will love you until we become ghosts" I just added "but the I have plans with this girl from high school"

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