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I was standing in the middle of the crowd. They were all moving like one being, shifting and pulsating. But me. I was just standing there confused and out of place. And then I saw it. My fantasy was standing there in the corner across the room. It had just the right colors, shape and vibe as I had imagined it so many times before. Along the outlines there was a faint shimmer, just to show me how special it was. I didn’t dare move in fear it would disappear when the moment passed by.

Seconds passed.

Minutes passed.

I had to do something. If I didn’t maybe I would never see it again. I started fighting my way through the crowd. I didn’t remember it being so difficult to pass when I entered it, it felt almost as if they didn’t want me to reach it. As I came closer, everything started to change. The moisture in the air dropped, I felt a slight breeze around me and my skin started to burn just like it does when you stand in the sun on a hot summer day, it didn’t smell like sweaty bodies any more but more sweet and spicy like a faded memory. Suddenly, I heard a very subtle melody somewhere in the background, and the closer I came, the clearer I heard it. I noticed it sounded just like that combination of tones I always had in the back of my mind, the ones I loved so much, but could never find the song they belonged to. I was there now. I felt like I reached the end of the yellow brick road.

I didn’t know what to do. I felt good just being there and looking at it. Couldn’t I just stand here forever in rapture? But I knew that if I went just a millimeter further my life would change forever and if I would stay there I would always wonder, what if… I was pondering on my possibilities and asking myself if I could dare take the last step? Am I strong enough to risk it all for the unknown? I didn’t know, but after having felt this bliss just being so close to it I couldn’t stand the thought of ever going back into that crowd. I closed my eyes, inhaled deep and concentrated feeling all the sweetness that was surrounding me. Raising my foot I hesitated for a moment, a very short moment, and entered...
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I come from passion from obsession.                               
I go from infatuation to infatuation like an eternal quest to find IT...             
What am I looking for?           
Oh I wish i knew...              
It might be love It might be happiness Or simply something to fight the boredom that seems to surround me too often.      
What is my current obsession?                                   
How can I say?         
Maybe its you...                                 
Maybe I have been looking at all your creations, searching for every scrap of somethings you left your mark on...                                                   
Maybe I go through every conversation we had (real or imaginary), to keep you as close to my soul as possible, just so I may have the feeling you are with me.         
I might be imagining that you are beside me right now, or that I am there with you...            
I have never lived in the here or the now, nor reality for that matter.                    
I am not from this present, nor from this realm.                    
Even though you might see my body, my mind is constantly floating between the here and the there, always inventing always imagining Sleepwalking through life dreaming with my eyes wide open.
Who knows, maybe I am even dreaming this,                    
imagining you sitting there,    
reading it,           
or maybe





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As they flashed through space and time like meteorites, I floated behind in the past sifting through the cosmic dusts of their creativity.                                                                                                                                               And sometimes it may occur that I get catapulted into the future, simply waiting for time to catch up with me again.    In this extraordinary situation, I try plucking little time capsules that pass me by, which I can squeeze open with a gentle pop, releasing extra time to return me back into the present.                                                                         And if fortune ever smiles on me and I find myself in the present at the exact time then my fellow travelers, time passes by at double the speed then in the outside world. Because I have observed that time rushes past so quickly here; the sands of time trickle right through the hour glass, defying normal earthly laws since there are no rules inside this marvelous and wondrous world of creativity.

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Tangerine had worked in the circus ever since she was a little girl.

There never has been nor will there ever be an artist of the skies with more grace or skill.

Her feats made a mockery of gravity, and stunned onlookers into silence.

But Tangerine and her trampoline had a secret,

 a secret she had carried with her for the whole of her not-so-long life.

This secret of secrets she kept in her heart was driving the dream behind her art.

To master the trampoline was to reach her wildest wish –

her dream of one day soaring right out of the atmosphere into the vastness of space.

 For the trampoline girl believed that she was a star who had somehow tumbled down from heaven many moons ago,

 and oh how she longed to return home.

But, even after twenty years of training, the only stars Tangerine the trampoline girl ever reached were the ones painted on the circus tent…


Johnnyclyde requested a sad circus story from me so here it is....

thank you so much sarah for your help <3

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What am i to you?

What are you to me?

I don’t know I wish I knew.                                                  

All I know though is you perceive me as a quick passerby, but you are for me what you never thought you could be.                  

You might forget me the instance you walked by, but just feeling the air move as you wander across the room I try to catch your scent floating slowly towards me.                                             

 I have been watching you from afar wishing you would one day look in my direction.                                                                    

I have been dreaming about you day and night, hoping there would be some interaction.          

 And sometimes when I let my mind drift far far away I even imagine there being something more…

Maybe friendship

Or attraction

And a little love

Or a lot of it

But I see now

All I am and will be for you

Is a stranger

Passing you by

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A Whimsical is a now extinct tiny furry creature that was found mostly in warm, sunny and moist climates. They developed the most peculiar characteristic of being able to camouflage their fluffy fur into all chromatic colors, due to their main food source being the four leaf clover found mostly at the end of rainbows. As we Homo Sapiens started domesticating Whimsicals for their cuteness, playfulness and colorful fur, they gradually vanished from existence. This occurred on account of a prolonged rainy season and the dematerialization off all rainbows, which hindered the entire race to blend effectively into their surroundings and hide from greedy humans. Even though the knowledge of these creatures has been forgotten, Humans still use the word “whimsical” for all kinds of cute and playful things. There have been a few humans throughout history though, that claim to have seen a Whimsical in certain curious places. But since their existence is completely forgotten and erased from common knowledge, those specific individuals just took those encounters as mere figments of their imaginations. Not sure if i think its completely ready yet, so any changes or suggestions are completely welcome. and always remember have your eyes wide open, there might be a Whisical hidden in any corner ;)

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We will all return to this world as trees, rising above the winding vines below so that we may grant life to others.
Matt Conley
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I want to have my tiny stories with me where ever I go, to inspire me to write many more...
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