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Okay.. here we go.

I woke up every morning looking for perspective. Literally. The moment I opened my eyes, my mind would race to find the day's perspective. Would I be a go-getter today? Or, as usual, procrastinate until I found that I wasn't really putting off anything. Except life. Then, discouraged that I had no real path I was following, I simply allowed myself to become lazy. It was then that I would adopt the perspective of being okay with the nothingness my life had become, because eventually, maraculously, it would become...

by MissMiss ago
by MissMiss ago
by MissMiss ago

I want to write a story.

About the attention that everyone seeks, even the "loners" who claim not to care.

About the characters we are & the one's we make ourselves into.

About cockiness.

About obvious insecurities.

About "posing for pictures that aren't being taken".

About how so many people have underlying intentions, that the genuine people of the world get mistaken for phonies.

About why emotionally unavailable people are considered a more attractive, and stronger presence than that of an optimist.

About how people get caught up in...

by MissMiss ago

She waves us on encouragingly

We trust this


We roll on

I'm enjoying the sunshine

Hand out window

I look to my left

To share the moment

They are approaching fast

Too fast

Toward us

Panic floods the mind

Seeps into limbs

I turn away, I won't watch this



Awkward abruptness

We are still

I look to my friend once more

Letting out breath we've been holding

Smiling shakily

We are still here


by MissMiss ago
by MissMiss ago

She felt completely ridiculous in his presence. After all these years, the boy could still make her feel like she had absolutely no idea what she was doing. With her hands, her eyes, her mouth. She found she could barely look him in the eyes, and when she did, she was even more disturbed to find that it always caught her off guard; even though they were in the middle of a conversation. If you could call her rambling, and his patient words inbetween, a conversation. She could feel herself acting a fool the whole while she was doing it,...

by MissMiss ago

"I like to travel."

"From one side of rooms to the other? I see that."

"Yeah... I've never been here before... I think I like it."

"You've only just arrived. That could all change."

"Oh? I don't know..."

by MissMiss ago

And it left me feeling... refreshed.


Am I allowed to say this? I didn't write the movie, or produce it, or anything...

I just watched it.

And I justthink it would be great if we could always break our hearts, and laugh at the same time.

Not one or the other,

but have it be synchranized,

as if it goes hand in hand.

And not in awierd, creepy, immature kind of way either...

But in a way where you think,

"You know... this fucking blows.

My situation,

this moment,

this time in my life..

it's absolutely awful...

But it's okay.

I am going to be...

by MissMiss ago

Where's the soul?

by MissMiss ago
by MissMiss ago

deep is exhausting.

hand me a magazine full of material things.

this is so superficial, it's ridiculous.

tell me a story of make-believe,

but make me believe it,

as if you mean it,

as if it's possible for this to be the meaning of all things.

now give me something real,

that i can hold,

like your hand.

let's walk a while along the shores,

look out across the ocean,

and let's lie here,

let's take in the sky.

did you ever wish to fly?

well haven't we all?

and don't you feel small?

"well, i know i'm tall"

make me laugh to forget,

tell me stories to...

by MissMiss ago