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Why I don't trust the media media anymore.



Points made in the video:

Media has a "sacred duty": keeping the citizens informed and holding the elected officials accountable

We all have doubts but in certain cases it's very obvious that the media is not doing its job

There were nationwide protests in Turkey in 2013 and the government responded in a horrendous way (detailed video I made in 2013 is in the resources)

There was human rights violations and police brutality but when you turned on the TV you'd see penguin documentaries 

The media wasn't doing its job -- so we, the people, became the media.

We used twitter, facebook etc. 

I believe ultimately this is a bad thing. When you can't even trust the media, how can you trust a random stranger? 

There was an unbelievable number of false information and you know how social media is -- information travels fast. Everyone has to be super-careful to only share what is accurate. This is a lot of responsibilty for a regular person. 

This is why it's important for the media to do its job.


Also a couple of things I didn't say in the video. Surprisingly there were no bans in 2013 during Gezi. However, for the past couple of months YouTube has been blocked. Twitter was blocked for a while. This is because there was a corruption scandal in the government (not surprised) and because media wasn't showing any of these, people were using YouTube and twitter. This is another case of the media not doing its job. If requested, I can do an additional video on this or even rerecord this one. 


PS: Of course, I can access all these blocked sites just fine. Welcome to 21st century!



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