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Onset (PED 22)
FiddlySticks Released May 08, 2015

A shift to the left
just an inch
so that the dust
tells a story

an old desk,
once populated
by stills,
of a life long gone

animated faces,
frozen in frames

rectangular silhouettes
are all that's left

Memories were locked away
in an effort to save
Her old grace

but photographs fade
and even those
saved in the heart

last no longer
than Polaroids

Or words,
sagely advice,
The Matron's gentle hands
cupping a mind,
stirred by anxiety

Just a shift
to the left


This was what my WWC was about that week mister Seabear so forgive me if I was super late in putting it up and tagging it hehe

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I want to remember

every detail

the kinks in your hair

the dimples when you smiled big

the way your collar was always 

turned up in the back

I want to reach out

and touch 

your back right...

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She sits on the bed, lights off, listening to the sound of the rain beating against her window. 

This is too fucking cliche, she thinks, but doesn't move.

Another guy. Another fuck....

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My name is Hidou.

As you can see, I am blind.

I am going to tell you a tale of duality. A tale of good versus evil. A tale about a wicked couple, their wicked dog...and me.  I KNOW...

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