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by Michal

I once almost wed an invisible lad.

My mother and father were sure I was mad.

He gave me a lily, translucent and white

And he said, "I am here, only out of your sight."

We went strolling along in the bright boardwalk sun

He gave me a bear he'd invisibly won.

Oh, the hours I spent, as our courtship progressed

With my Mother and Dad and our "is-he-there?" guest.

And slowly (but quickly) with needle-sharp joy

I realized I loved the invisible boy.

So one night, I feigned a farewell at the door

And crept to my room to be with him some more.

And I didn't cry out, but I kissed him instead

When I felt the invisible boy in my bed.

And he kissed me right back, put my hands to his form

Unseen, but so beautifully, wonderfully warm.

But then-- such an awful confession to make!

It was then that I made my most mournful mistake.

As we lay there entwined in our twilight embrace,

I said, "Darling, I wish that could see your face."

Though I meant no offence and had no ill-intent,

The most meaningful meanings are often not meant.

He silently rose from my arms, and I then

Never saw my invisible lover again.

Long years I have spent, crossing all the world's span

But how does one find an invisible man?


So if you should meet, in your paths wide and free

A man you can sense and can touch, but can't see--

Perhaps contemptlating the heavens above him--

Would you, oh, would you please tell him... I love him?


Drowning Single Male seeks Lifeguard.

by Michal
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Questions left in cooling sand

Are swept away each morning,

Answered by the sea.

by Michal
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My weapon of choice is vocabulary.

by Michal
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Once upon a land called Umbra

There grew a shadow-tree

Casting cool and friendly darkness

For all the Shadow-folk to see. 


It grew from earth as black as ink

With bark of silver-gray

Its dusky leaves sang in the breeze

That whispered by all day.


The Longrays and the Midlights both

Took rest within the shade,

And even subtle Noondays

From its boughs were not forbade.


But came the half-expected day,

When harmony was halted

A lowly Gloam, of name unknown,

Observed the tree and exhalted:


"Oh, what a lovely glade this is!"

He cried with sudden cheer,

"I'll gather all my Gloam-y friends,

And build a tree-house here!"


So off he went to fetch his friends,

His error unsuspected; for

His betters sat beneath the tree

In darkness undetected.


The Noonday, lowest of the bunch

Spoke first, to prove his worth

"We simply can't have Gloamings here!

This tree is our turf!"


The Midlight, next in Shadow-Caste

Agreed, with wrinkled nose.

She said, "The Nubby-Noon is right,

Longray, what do you propose?"


The Longray, slim and graceful,

Did not answer for a while,

And when he spoke, his eyes were cold

Above a midnight smile.


"I've often found that Gloamings

Who require our instruction,

Reform the best when we suggest

That faithful cure: destruction."


And just as planned, the Gloam returned

To show his friends their tree,

The Gloamings felt their gloom depart--

A wonder, all agreed.


But when the little Shadows walked

Beneath the shading limbs

They found only aristocrats

All velvet-dark and grim.


"Welcome, weaklings," said the tallest one,

A Longray, it was clear

"We're glad to see you safely, but

You must be gone from here."


"You see," piped up a Noonday

"There are others in these lands

Who've vowed to spare this lovely tree

From any Gloaming's hands."


The Midlight said, "It's best for all.

You'll see some other day.

But now we really must insist,

You Gloamings go away."


And all the little Shadows

Drooped their heads and turned to go,

Except our little nameless friend,

Who turned storm-gray and shouted, "NO!"


"This tree belongs to everyone!"

Cried our Gloam-y friend, aghast;

"You can't just send us all away

Because of how we're cast!"


The Midlight looked bewildered

And the Noonday seemed to sway

But the Longray shook his head and said,

"Then we'll do this the hard way."


He tore down from the dusky leaves

A limb of darkest dark

And through the leafy whispers

Our Gloaming saw a spark.


As the sparking grew into a flame,

The Shadows shrank in fright

But the Longray swung his brand too high--

And the shadow-tree caught alight.


The Gloamings cried in shock and fright

But now they were included

In fear's unfriendly, fickle shade

With those whom they had feuded.


For now the Shadows high and low

All melted in the flame

The wild light was blind to caste

And made them all the same.


Today there is no shadow-tree

To keep away or share

Its dusky leaves have gone to dust

Its bark is black and bare.


No Shadows fall beneath its limbs

Or on its barren ground

The only witness is the wind

Whispering without a sound.


Perhaps one day, another Gloam

On whim of wish and word

Will pass by chance and see the truth

Of rumors she has heard.


For in this land called Umbra,

There may soon be changes churning

Born on wind that whips the shadow-shrubs

And the light, sharp scent of burning.


by Michal
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You cannot domesticate sentences.

Believe me, I gave it a shot.

They're adorable when they're just fragments,

But complete, they're emphatically not. 

They'll leave subjects all over your carpet

And consume every object in sight

There'll be predicates on every inch of your couch

And believe me, the bastards can bite.

Your walls will be splattered with commas

The stains are as stubborn as ink

The overused colons, I'm sure you can guess--

Your houseguests will flee from the stink.

So take my advice, gentle reader

Take to heart every word that I've said

Save your money, your wits and your friendships

And just get a goldfish instead.



by Michal
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You make sandcastle promises.

by Michal
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by Michal
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a cautionary tale.

by Michal
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by Michal
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Two days, three sequences, ten sticky fingers and many, many jellybeans later... I can sleep! :-)

PS: If anyone feels like adding a little music to this, I would be muchly overjoyed!


by Michal
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A gloomier take on the tiny story "important" by thedustdancestoo and InkedCanvas's image.

by Michal
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All stories are tiny stories. 

(These just look really good on a tee-shirt.)

by Michal
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