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Invisible Love (A Poem)
Michal Released Jul 19, 2012

I once almost wed an invisible lad.

My mother and father were sure I was mad.

He gave me a lily, translucent and white

And he said, "I am here, only out of your sight."

We went strolling along in the bright boardwalk sun

He gave me a bear he'd invisibly won.

Oh, the hours I spent, as our courtship progressed

With my Mother and Dad and our "is-he-there?" guest.

And slowly (but quickly) with needle-sharp joy

I realized I loved the invisible boy.

So one night, I feigned a farewell at the door

And crept to my room to be with him some more.

And I didn't cry out, but I kissed him instead

When I felt the invisible boy in my bed.

And he kissed me right back, put my hands to his form

Unseen, but so beautifully, wonderfully warm.

But then-- such an awful confession to make!

It was then that I made my most mournful mistake.

As we lay there entwined in our twilight embrace,

I said, "Darling, I wish that could see your face."

Though I meant no offence and had no ill-intent,

The most meaningful meanings are often not meant.

He silently rose from my arms, and I then

Never saw my invisible lover again.

Long years I have spent, crossing all the world's span

But how does one find an invisible man?

So if you should meet, in your paths wide and free

A man you can sense and can touch, but can't see--

Perhaps contemptlating the heavens above him--

Would you, oh, would you please tell him... I love him?

Drowning Single Male seeks Lifeguard.

Michal Nov 28, 2011

Questions left in cooling sand

Are swept away each morning,

Answered by the sea.


My weapon of choice is vocabulary.


Once upon a land called Umbra

There grew a shadow-tree

Casting cool and friendly darkness

For all the Shadow-folk to see. 

It grew from earth as black as ink

With bark of silver-gray


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You cannot domesticate sentences.

Believe me, I gave it a shot.

They're adorable when they're just fragments,

But complete, they're emphatically not. 

They'll leave subjects all over...

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You make sandcastle promises.

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