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I'm blood
Mic Released Sep 15, 2013

(Let me strive,
Not starve)

Am I nuts
For I call myself talented?
Even though I AM NOT able to paint a painter's best painting,
Even though I AM NOT able to rhyme the best rhyme ever heard!
NOT today,
NOT in this damn world!

This poem shall not end: I WANT TO WRITE a little more,
BUT my mind doesn't want me to!
So I leave and let it go.
(On today's day...)

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Mic Jul 22, 2012

I'm a big fan of fellow HitRECorder AeB's texts! They are great and touching! Wonderful words and wonderful verses. Very inspiring!

So, I got inspired ;)
(The lines in Italic are...

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I was born with two arms,
Two legs
And a brain.
I was a pupil,
I was a student,
I was another,
I was a lover.
I sometimes watch the midnight train
And cannot but say
That I'm going insane

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My life, my life, my life:
I live in a dream
– Sweaty and grey.
Just find me in the waterway!
Take a male authority with you,
He is a reliable man – for sure.
Believe an important...

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Mic Aug 15, 2011
Mic Apr 30, 2011

There are thousands of words,
Thousands of ways
To say,
To express yourself.
But in fact is this important?
Is the hand which caught the wolf
The hand you'll kiss tonight?

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Mic Apr 30, 2011

Belshazzar dreamed of a clear soul.
I'm sure Judas Iscariot dreamed so, too,
But none of them acted so nice
That he would have deserved a life without sin.
Read the paper, boy,

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Mic Feb 13, 2011
Mic Dec 18, 2010
Once and forever
We were born
In a silver storm
- bloody and small.
Babies, children, grown-ups
: All together torn apart.
Every generation has its hero,
Nothing begins at zero.
I am not...
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Mic Dec 17, 2010
Mic Oct 24, 2010
Not a lion, but a liar.
Not a saint, but a bitch.
Not a goal, but a fever pitch.
I am the thief of the night.
I am the be alright!
I am the writer,
The poet of your dreams,
But in the end...
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