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Hello again fellow HitRecorders,

I just wanted to share some of the reasons I have fallen in lust with this place/idea/culture/movement/community/ etc.etc. I've never had the experience that i've had on HitRECord anywhere online before. It feels like a place with very little ego, where people are working together, rather than competing for a spot in the light. I love this! This makes creative projects so much more enjoyable and rewarding! The site itself truly forces you to give up this mentality of "this stuff is mine" and encourages you to let go of that selfish child we all have inside. I'll be in love with HitRECord soon enough, but we're taking it slow. ;)

I wanted to do some highlights for some of my favorites, even though i'm still a newbee and most of the people on this site wont see them. At least the people who have subscribed to me will and that's a good start. I have found endless amounts of cool shit on this site! From insanely talented illustrators to 'why are they not famous yet' musicians and in all honesty, I can't keep up... So now that i'm done gushing.... Here we go....

To start:

ToddUmptiousErika's Husband (BOS + WezHind + Toddumptious)kcabWords (+stems)le_t/gr_0 (+stEms)....

making007PA44: Em Jay Is My Dream Girl (featuring Grammer)PA45: Best Big Love Story Big BeatBangin'

MetaphorestLittle FoxesMy Friendly Skeleton (Harmony Re-record)Little Secrets (Tiny Song)

RicRageNobody HomeBig DreamSong (let you in)

kaysirrahLet Go To GrowRelaxification


tinderlocksThe Ponder (PLEASE REMIX)

LexiScherrMary Sue

doorstopperWhen the light comes

hitRECordRE: Resourcing

These are just a few of the totally awesome people i've discovered so far.. They make me happy :) I can't wait to see what I find next!

Ohhh, and this record is a "sort of" collaboration with this awesome artist I met through myspace years back. Her name is Steph Vachris and she came up with a slew of artwork for our first album.

-The Best Of Synthia

20 resources

August 29th marks my one year anniversary of being on HitRecord. I remember I'd been debating about joining for a couple of months, hovering my mouse over the 'sign up' button for...

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