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Join us in making an audio feast of goodness to celebrate the holidays and give us all a triumphant dose of Christmas nostalgia akin to chestnuts roasting on open fires. Does anyone really do that?

Anyway, myself, theboxsets, Wonderboy and Mattsoar have already gotten a good start on the feature piece, "A Real Christmas for Bonneville." We want to flesh out the show into a real Spectacular with fun segments and tunes and right now these are ways we can all contribute to get this thing going.


For Bonneville's story:


ILLUSTRATORS: Even though Bonneville will hopefully come to life through the magic of radio, I’d love for him to have a visual as well. Read the description in the story that starts around paragraph 6 of his elaborate decorations and come up with a visual representation of him.



For the rest of the show:


WRITERS: Do you have any quirky, unique or funny stories about the holidays? Those would be a great start to more segments. 


GRAPHIC DESIGNERS: Any ideas of visual treatments for titles cards and such for this project would be great.  


MUSICIANS/SONG WRITERS: No offense to Feliz Navidad here. We want this full of HR originals! Contribute lyrics and tunes that feel like th holidays...alhtough they don't have to be full of bells or anything. 


AUDIO CURATORS: There are already some great holiday tunes on the site. Find your faves and put them into an album. Even if all of them aren't meant for the holidays, find some that have aholiday feel. Noting which ones are instrumentals, and which have vocals may be helpful.


SOUND EFFECTS PEOPLE: We need Christmas’y sounds! Got an ideas? Off the top of my head, we’ll need bells, kids laughing, a “ho, ho, ho,” kids crying, magical things? There will be a more specific request for foley in the future.  

Don’t forget stuff from the public archive too! 


CHRISTMAS LISTS: Write funny/interesting/strange Christmast lists. They can be fiction or non-fiction...or both!


VOICEOVER ARTISTS: Perform dramatic readings of the Christmas lists. 


EVERYONE: I have a ton of ideas for short segments, but we’d love to hear yours. They can be fiction, nonfiction, testimonials, etc. And they don’t have to be only relating to Christmas. Think about Hannukkah, Kwanza or even all the people who don't celebrate any of those. Are they totally annoyed by a holiday that causes endless traffic?




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