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Rain, rain, come again another day

I don't deserve your embrace today

Or the swell of the sweet smell you leave

In the wake of such a terrible dream

I'm puddle-jumping my way through the fall

Tapping leaves in the damp forest

In the overcast, in the spring, they call

I'm shaking in the dew left over

The morning side of a petulant life

And I wonder why I hate myself

When I've only been alive long enough

To know I'm a stranger to my reflection

And everyone I meet

Could we camp here

And forever be enclosed

By the arms of ancient oak

By the meadow's soft fold

I know

It's a dream, but I need it

Because the insides are cold

Raise the mists from the field

That we might dance in fog

And be free from the horizon

All these old defining lines

We can make it our own

Hold our wills in a bottle

Sleep in vales overgrown

We can be a natural cropping

Dug into the side of the hill

Blossom into wildflowers

Bloom into what we should will

I'll leave sunlight for you to feel

How I feel

I'm not grown well, but I'm real

You seem to me as the smell of rain

Right after it fails to fall

The petrichor and the vapors

You're at the center of it all

I don't get drunk on cheap beer,

the ones that taste less than

the two dollars you paid for.


i'm not one of those optimists

who say wholeheartedly

that they get

drunk "on life" either.



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It's 12:04 a.m.
so I guess it's
And thank God because
yesterday ended horribly.

It all came back in a swell,
when I thought it was over.
And I thought I'd left it behind,
But it was...

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VOCALISTS: We're looking for a chorus of harmony parts to accompany Pamagotchi's lead vocals in the finale of "Presently...

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I think it could be cool to see what examples in history may make for an interesting segment of HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF. Perhaps we could find multiple examples where big business...

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Never once

Did I

Ever believe

That you

Could be

The light

To my

Dark. But

You didn't

Need to

Turn out

the light.


I wanted to write something after reading Lexi’s recent record about gender representation on Season 2 (among many other records and comments), because I think it’s so important....

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