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I really enjoyed RosellaWeigand's version of the little things intro and how it includes bits of so many voices, so I thought I'd try a little remixing of my own. I'd love to hear all your comments /suggestions/remixes!

Just as T.S. Eliot's Prufrock measures his life out in coffee spoons, so we build our lives from the smallest everyday moments. Alone, a kind “Hello,” or “Good morning” to a stranger seems like nothing, yet a simple greeting could be the beginning of something new -- a new friendship, a new romance, a new hope. And just as a simple smile lifts our spirits when we're feeling down, an unreturned embrace or thoughtless, indecent remark can stay with us a lifetime.

Our lives are made up of all these little moments, and though we talk of the past in milestones and grand events, our memories are deeply linked to the little details. You can distinctly remember the smell of pancakes on Sunday mornings, the neat stitching in a favorite sweater, and the softness of a purring kitten in your lap.

The little things, both appreciated and undervalued, are a fine-tuned part of our everyday routines. Little patterns and repetitions are the building blocks of every aspect of life, inside and out. Our hearts beat regular rhythms into veins and arteries that branch out into smaller and smaller versions of themselves, growing into the intricate fractals that make up our bodies.

Scientists and artists share an affinity for the little things. The scientist marvels at the patterns in the tiniest atoms that come together to make up our vast and expansive universe. The artist joins...

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Laaaaaadies and Gentlemen!

Just found out some great news this morning:  not only will Netflix carry HIT RECORD ON TV (Season 1) in the US on Aug 7, it'll also launch in the...

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The National Park in the US Virgin Islands is so full of history and spirits I imagine there are even more stories to be found.  The Jumbie Tree (also known as the kapok) is...

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The research coming in so far for the Campfire Stories has been the absolute dog’s bollocks*. For example:

HELLTOWN! (by...

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tesslucia 15 hours ago

I've noticed a lot of Idiom related recs popping up which got me thinking of some of the things people say on my patch of planet. I believe some of these may also be common in the...

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