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So many nice trash items have been drawn for destination T.R.A.S.H. animation that I thought being able to see some in details was a good idea.


Never work with children, animals or paperplanes. Damn their angles are frustrating. Lemme know if you want layers to play with.

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unbranded for REmixing :)

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There are many Japanese Folk Tales I found where a Kitsune (FOX) is involved.  In some stories, the fox is mischievous.  In others, the Kitsune seems very wise and is often a guide.  This is where I had an idea....

Our story could follow a boy who was cursed/ transformed into a Kitsune.  One day a year, he returns to his human form.  During this day, he must try to break his curse.  Just when everything is falling into place, he meets another cursed child.  

Now, our main character is left with a difficult decision.  Should he break his own curse, or should he sacrifice himself to save another.

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Changed some phrasing, touched up the background, and flicked it to the full bleed area. Enjoy.


-there is still a typo in this version: in the third paragraph I forgot the l in people

-fonts are italic ugly qua for the line quote, regular league gothic for SPACE, and bold helvetica for everything else.

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What is nothing? What is lack, what is emptiness or the void or zero when you really get down to it? Can we ever actually picture or grasp nothing? We can certainly feel it when something is missing, when there is an absence or a void, but sometimes it's impossible to define or grasp, or picture. Can you picture what was before you were born, or what will be, for you after your dead?


Consider Zero. Zero is a number, like any other number, like 1, or 2, or -6974, or 6.78, or π, but unlike any other number, what zero is not is a value. That's why anything times 0 is 0, and why you can't divide by zero: you can't break something into no parts. Yet without the idea of nothing, something so hard to grasp simply because it's the opposite of everything, we'd understand so much less about the world. So nothing, the idea of nothing, does matter, but why?

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The imagery in this poem moved me, and so had to try a voice over for it. hopefully i do it justice

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I wrote a blurb vamping on the spaces between and designed a page for it. This is the outer space version. I'm also going to create a far more minimalist innerspace version (I feel this one may be too busy). Here's the blurb text I wrote, which is just a silly little first draft vamping on what JulesKD, Spaceship, and Metaphorest did before me:

An everyday idiom that we all know too well is that people are, by and large, big sacks of water (held varying degrees of upright by a scaffold of calcium and a tent of skin, with a bit of hair often but not always on the top). But this ordina addage is turned on its head when we remember, as JulesKD pointed out, that all things including us and the water that makes so much of us, are made up of molecules, the littlest bits of matter, miniscule networks of tiny atoms.

-And every atom is mostly made up of space. Matter is empty void far out sizing and dwarfing the bits of matter between it. If an hydrogen atom’s nucleus were a volleyball at the center of the Earth, the lone electron would be a golf ball skirting the edge of the stratosphere, and everything else is the space between. So we and everything we know are all made up of mostly space. And that’s a good thing.

This fact acted as launching point for The Spaces Between, a song about all that we are, and why it’s a good thing that it’s bits of quantum dust and a whole lot of space. Look at what we are able to do with that, with apparently empty voids. Out of dust to small to ever really see and vast swaths of empty, our universe is stacked up to give context and meaning, everything thing from words to sounds, art to peope, and even stars.

With out the spaces between, I bet you anything the atomic dust would be the same as all that void is with out it: A giant pile of noisy nothing, that doesn’t mean a thing.


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Here are some of my favorite episode ideas so far for Season 2 of hitRECord on TV!
(I'm in the process of going through the collab contributions and adding my favorite records for each topic!) :-)

Re: The Number Two

Re: Stories
(or RE: Truth vs. Fiction)

RE: Extremes*
(This could include Addictions and Obsessions)

RE: Strangers

RE: Sleep

RE: Masks

RE: The Brain

RE: Emotions

RE: Food

RE: Music

RE: Change
(or RE: Transformations)

by 3over4
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CALLING ALL CURATORS & GRAPHIC DESIGNERS! We are pleased to announce that we're gonna release Season 1 of HITRECORD ON TV as a BOX SET - and it's bound to be our biggest & baddest relic yet.  Come make it w/ us!



CURATORS: Make Albums of Text & Images for a single section idea for each episode's book.

GRAPHIC DESIGNERS: Create Page Design Layouts for each episode's book using THESE TEMPLATES.


NOTE: To clarify, this is not a Request for new art. We will be making this Box Set from all of the great RECords from Season 1.


ADDITIONAL NOTE: The episodes and music of this release will be available as downloads.



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Found this scrap of an idea in a stack of papers I was sorting through. It's the original jotted-down version of the Space Thought record I posted that eventually turned into the whole song and dance that is known as The Spaces Between. Maybe this would work as part of the book? Sorry for the quality of the paper, I can scan it if that helps. Plus, I have a few notebook pages of lyric sketches, but they are filled with chicken scratch and crossed-out parts and doodles and stuff, so I don't know if anyone is interested in that.

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