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I am doing this as both my re recs and my subscribe Saturday record. Looking through the list of those I subscribe to and selecting one is impossibly hard, but today I'm going to suggest that if you haven't already done so you subscribe to tootwofoursquare. She writes beautifully and with so much emotion. Some of my favorites,

She also makes some amazing...

I have no idea how popular these artists are but here are some of my picks. Or "Selects" if you will.

Nazlioluz Love her style. Particulary Bearboy over here.

mrfelixding Consistently releasing quality work with a sense of humor. Call him Leon because he is The Professional. Check out his Records if you haven't already.

DN0619 A newer member I urge you tosubscribe to if you haven't already. Don't be surprised if Flip A Coin is in my Re Recs.

JenniferChittenden Brilliant work. If you are not subscribed... do it. Do it now.

I assume you...

by Dr.Duke ago


that's all there is.flashes - bits of light -

barely-there worn fragments in the fabric

that shrouds what you seefrom me.

i should be lost inside this darkness,

but i'm clinging to the warmth pulsing through improbable possibilities -

whispers of what would otherwise be projected

in technicolor 3dbut so far are only hints and suggestions -

knowing only what i touch

the restinvented,

semi-constructed seeds of certainty

where nothing is really certain at all.

you'd think it would mean misery for me -

lost among the shadows skewnknowing...
by kouralilly ago
by kouralilly ago

Out on the lash

‘Is he still at it?’ James was leaning against the wall, hands stuffed in his jacket against the cold, a look of disgust on his face.

‘Hold on and I’ll check,’ said Pete, leaning down until he could see beneath the length of Fergal’s tangled hair, then jumping back as yet another spray of yellowish vomit splashed wetly against the concrete.

‘Oh yeah, he’s still going strong,’ Answering his own question James straightened up and stretched, ‘This really isn’t where I wanted to be tonight, you know?’

Pete sat back beside his...

by cerebis ago

Well my little ghosts and goblins, it's that time of year again!

After talking with Klosinski (he directed last year's Halloween collab), we decided that I would go ahead and start up the Halloween 2014 collab. And since this is my favorite time of year, I am extremely excited to be directing this one!

A few days ago I talked to the talented creator of our adorable Timothy Dark character about my idea of having this year's Halloween Collab be all about Timothy Dark. I was beyond excited to hear that he too loved Halloween and was on...

by k-lyn vergara ago