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Request List:

  • Illustration

    • Create illustrations inspired by the story & characters
  • Other

    • Record voiceovers for the characters
    • Make suggestions for the style/execution of the film!
  • Animation

    • Animate the characters
  • Music

    • Create a score for the film
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Spaceship-1461125 Metaphorest Released Mar 29, 2013

A place to collect all illustrations, animations, videos, voiceovers and music relating to my short script 'Goldfish'!

Feel free to interpret the story visually any way you are inspired to! I think it could work live action/animated/stop motion or a combination!

It would be cool to see: - CHARACTER CONCEPTS

*NOTE - I haven't specified the ethnicity of the characters but I'd definitely like to see some non-white folk in the main cast.

William C. Conway - mid to late 30s, a…

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