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This was supposed to be kinda about school rules but turned out to be more of an exposé of my precocious younger self. :P

by Metaphorest ago
by Metaphorest ago

Two quick picks! Both folk I highly recommend you follow, and do check out their back catalogues too :)

Luis C. Lewis



by Metaphorest ago

Yo mama's both aesthetically and mentally pleasing

No, I never met a mother that I found so appealingShe is a strong individual, she can take care of herselfFour kids, two jobs, she goes to college as well

It's not easy to be her, you know, but somehow she manages

And she always cuts the crusts off when she makes you ham sandwichesShe never buckles or crumples, like a titanium rodShe's into red converse and her socks are odd

And yeah she gets up early but she's down with the kids

She even knows who Joseph Gordon-Levitt isFrom Plato to...
by Metaphorest ago

(A few minor tweaks. Also cut one stanza at the start and added a new one at the end, taking into account some comments on the pervious version.)

Like a bird without wings

Or a dog with no barkLife's tough for a dragonWithout a spark

While others breathe fire

With maddening easePoor Russell's best shotIs a sad little wheeze

See, this odd-one-out

Is a breather of iceAnd his being unusualComes at a price

He watches his sisters

Puff great plumes of flameAnd hangs his malfunctioningHead in shame

How he longs to take part

When they go out to raze...
by Metaphorest ago

You pay for the folly of the dead

Born into a pit of old snakesWrithing and reaching on and onTangled, twisting to a choke-holdAround everything you hope for

What the big men say goes

And the big men say the wrong thingsOften, and do worseWhile the little women suffer, silentUnseen as the world watchesWith its hands-tied, mouth flapping wildlyWith the same righteousnessThat fed your future to the wolves

They have their brash opinions

And you have your bleak truth;A prize-grabber clawHovering above your homePrimed to pluck your limbs outOr...
by Metaphorest ago