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andyramone challenged me to write a script for our song 'The Little Ant' and it was my pleasure to complete that challenge! :)

ANTHONY ANDERSON, an ant, strides along a dusty path, an acorn held above his head. Pull out to reveal he is one of three ants exactly like him, all marching in line. Pull back further to see a long, long line of identical ants carrying identical nuts.



The little ant

Was tired of his lot

So very dull

His life was awfully light

On plot


Anthony looks bored as an anthill looms into view, blocking out the sun. It's a mountain from his perspective.



He dreamed of grander schemes

In which he was the hero of the story


The other ants fade away and the anthill transforms into a castle with a tall tower. In the tower window is a damsel in distress...with an acorn for a head and a long braid made out of straw reaching down to the ground. Anthony springs onto the back of a passing beetle with surprising agility and heads for the tower.



To break free of the mould

To be one in the fold was

Oh so very boring


The beetle suddenly stops dead. Anthony nudges him to keep going but he won't budge. Anthony comes out of his daydream to find himself riding piggyback on the disgruntled ant in front of him. Anthony looks embarrassed as he slowly dismounts. He retrieves his acorn and rejoins the line, depressed.



In the colony was nil

He couldn’t be himself

He marched against his will


Anthony sits in his bunk, a nook in the dirt wall identical to the dozen others in the room. He wears a novelty hat with a large pom-pom at the top.


CORPORAL ANT enters...

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Maayan challenged me to write a dialogue between this character: and this one:

(Sal reads a book by...

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I'm in! Needing a bit of a creative push so I'd be most grateful if you could help me by challenging me to write things, remix things, take photos of things, sing things or do any...

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It's been so long

since we tried to build a fire

We curse the wind

as our cigarette lighters sputter and spark,

like we’ve shamed our ancestors,

like we don’t deserve the woods or the...

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Just stumbled upon this mysterious tome and thought it could be an interesting subject for a mini-doc, a fictional imagining or some-such in our Re: Secrets episode!

The Voynich...

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Janey, a cute 7 year-old with wild hair and mismatched clothes sits on the kitchen counter, legs-swinging.


Her mother HEATHER stands at a sink full to the...

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The weather report

is a rota 

for rainclouds

(whose digressions make 

a mockery

of meteorologists.)


(Toward the aim of improving the protagonist gender balance for the show, Russell has become Sylvie! I think the transition is fairly seamless on all fronts but there was just one...

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You can always
Go it alone
You can keep it together
And I could do it all
On my own
But the two of us is better

(Just the two of us)

You're more than a mirror to me
You shoulder the load...

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(So I looove this song idea from Spaceship and wanted to try add to it. I've got a melody too but my voice still sounds weird post-cold so I'll record that at a later date! In the...

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My grandmother's fire
Hot enough for Dante
And lit whatever the weather
'That's great coal' she'd say
Every visit, as she sat me
In the old brown armchair
Nearest the hearth


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In that summer sandwiched
Between school and college
We took to the beach
Tentative adventurers
Camping haphazardly

Someone lit a fire
Because that's what you do
And we flocked to it,

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