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Some of my favourite musicians on the site. :)

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I guess we all sometimes wish we could loop some parts of our lives and never let them end. But if you stay in a loop for too long, things start to slowly loose their edges, until everything is a big blurr and you're not sure anymore if you're at the beginning or the end, and before you know it, you're lost in the loop...

However, the not-so-deep musical part of my brains loves loops! :) and everything you hear on this track can be looped! you can find thse stems in the results, so if you feel like remixing, you can make your own loop remix of this song. And as always, it would be awesome to hear other people sining or playing along!

Enjoy <3


we can go back again

to where we began

and then when we reach the end

we can still pretend that

we can go back again...

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Made from little loops I created with a mic, guitar, and keyboard in Audacity.

I think it would sound great with somebody singing over it and/or adding strings...or better yet, tons of melodic chanting. I dont' know. Just throwing ideas out there.

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. 


I got turkey on my plate and I'ma eat it baby, and you better not forget my gravy!

Mama's cookin in the kitchen and my stomach is itchin, for a little bit of hunger attention.

What was that noise? I don't know that voice! I opened up the front door (with poise).

It was a neighborhood boy, with a gun to the door, saying let me in and drop to the floor!

"I hear you're having Thanksgiving dinner!" "What's it to you?!!" "I wanna eat a little bit of it too!

I been smellin yalls food for an hour or two, and I'ma steal it cause that's what I do!"

"You're telling me I won the world's worst lottery?! I've been waiting all year for a Thanksgiving Robbery?!!"

"I don't care what you've been waiting for, now I think I'm taking more, Pumpkin Pie going out the door!!"

"I'ma count to (1), you better put down my pie!! Or my fist is gonna POP you in the eye!!"

"Gobble Gobble bring it on!! I'm hungrier than King Kong! and I ain't had a fight all day long!!"

They were fighting so madly, one guy got burned badly, there was gravy everywhere sadly.

(nobody touched the Green Bean Caserole. I thought that was kinda weird.)

They were shovin faces in the Cranberry, everything was very scary, someone call the Tooth Fairy!!

"Wait! Wait! Wait! Said the mama from the kitchen, why can't we get along on Thanksgiving?!!  (wisdom)

Sit down, and chow down!! Put your little gun down! It's time to go to Turkey town!!"

"I'm sorry!"   "I'M sorry!!"   "No I am!"   "No I AM!!"  "Will both yall shut up and pass the Ham?!"

Back to good in the hood, and they ate real good, AND they ate about as much as they could.


(The Moral of this story is......!!!!!!)

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by Babbish
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Heres my crack at the Universal Song...

I tried to make it as lullabyish as I could... Im still tinkering with it, but this is a start...

Much Love to everybody
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