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Creative Toolbox ~ Paint,,

Source Inspiration ~ 

Alone by MeanDarkSmile ~ Thank You :O)##

Anarchy by MeanDarkSmile ~ Thank You :o)##

Little Ghost by MeanDarkSmile ~ Thank You :o)##

HitRECord on 50's TV by WunderBoy ~ Thank You :o)##


Music For Contemplation

Gardens by pietari_kaasinen Tears! of Memory, Sadness and Joy

Thank you :o)## Blessings of Creative Bliss ~ TFR


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The other day I went to an art gallery and asked if I could purchase the portrait of the woman with the hollow eyes and disturbed expression about her face.

I was told that was a mirror. 

by joellen
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A rough outline.  I figured this particular letter makes for a good intro to the character, you get the little surprise of his many girlfriends and then realize the sort of person he is.  Also, I messed up and didn't capitalize "Irmgard", my apologies.

by catzi
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Ola Szmidt working the musicbox

Audio recorded on the SONY MVR 

(btw: Ola thought it was a good idea to do it on the green screen so people could play around with it. Maybe someone can make an animation of notes coming out of the musicbox?) 


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Creative Toolbox ~ Paint,,

Source Inspiration ~ 

Midnight Shadows by Lea Z Thank Ye :o)##

Timothy Dark Room by Bellaarts Thank Ye :o)##

(for Timothy Dark Room Public Domain Source see Bellaarts links Thank Ye!)


Music for Contemplaiton ~ 

Foxtrumental by Wimbeldon Manic Depressives aka WMD Thank Ye :O)##




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Starring DeadKiriyama

Filmed at HoA, Frome, England.


[text and textless]

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An OUTLAW, clad in a black duster and black hat, stands in the center of a dirt thruway, a crowd has gathered on the porches of shops and saloons. The OUTLAW points his large revolver in the air and fires. 

OUTLAW: Come out you yeller-bellied, old coward! It's time to face your demons!

An OLD MAN makes his way through the crowd and emerges in the open space around the OUTLAW.

OLD MAN: Quit yer hollerin', ya dreaded varmint. It takes a minute for me to get places nowadays, and I don't hear no good anyhow.

OUTLAW: You heard well enough to steal from me and mine, and the Wiley Gang don't take kindly to ancient farmers stealing what's ours.

OLD MAN: It ain't yours anyhow though, Wiley. You blew up that nice U.S. Treasury train just the other day, and you took that gold. Killed a nice train conductor toos, from what I heard. 

WILEY: Hey, now! We didn't mean to hurt that fella! He just... he just... wouldn't stop trying to slap me!

OLD MAN: So, what now? You want to put our trigger fingers where our mouths are and duel this out? Is that it?

WILEY: Yes sir, I believe I do. Draw your weapon, old-timer. Let's settle this like the men we are.

OLD MAN: Well, alright, just hold on a damn tick.

The OLD MAN returns into the crowd, disappearing into the people. A few moments later, he emerges with a poorly assembled hunting bow, a quiver of makeshift arrows on his back.

OLD MAN: Just remember, you wanted this, Wiley! (Nocking an arrow clumsily on the bowstring)

WILEY: Wait... what? Where's your pistol, ya damn fool?

OLD MAN: Well not all of us are spry enough to rob trains every damn week, Wiley. I sold my sidearm for these here boots, and some of Marla May's delicious goat cheese. Thank you by the way, Marla May, it was a meal made for kings! (Waving towards a girl in the crowd holding a basket of bread)

MARLA MAY: You're very welcome, Mr. Garland! I'll have a fresh slice of blueberry crumble pie for you later if you feel like stoppin' in. 

MR. GARLAND: Well I'd be much obliged, my dear! There's nothing in this world as sweet as Marla May's...

WILEY: Hey! Hey! Have ya'll forgotten we're conducting a duel here? Has that fact been lost on you simpletons? 

MR. GARLAND: They're not all simpletons, Wiley. Hell, MacArthur helped invent the revolving bank door, didn't ya, MacArthur?

MACARTHUR: Sure did, Mr. Garland! Ask anybody! I'm a board-certified genius!

WILEY: Shut! Up! We're doing this thing now! No more distractions! The next person who talks besides me is getting a mouthful of lead! Ya hear me!

The crowd goes instantly silent 

MR. GARLAND: So, Wiley, this is what you want your legacy to be? Defeated by an old man with a shoddy bow and arrow?

WILEY: I'm the fastest gun west of the Missippi', old man. I beat Bogart and Ruffland and Tenneson and Bad Bill Bullocks. I've shot down sheriffs and pinkertons and lawmen alike. You'll be dead before you even draw your bow, I am the baddest, worstest, most dangerous crimina...

VOICE FROM THE CROWD: Bad Bill Bullocks died of a heart attack before the duel even started!

WILEY: That's it! Enough! Keep the damn gold, Garland! You folks can't help but ruin what was turning into a pretty pleasant day! Geez. I'm going to Bixby and I'm never coming back! Find yourselves another damn outlaw to pester!

WILEY walks away crying, limply dropping his pistol in the dirt

GARLAND: Oh, come on, Wiley! We was just kidding! Come back, hey! I'll even give you first shot! 

The crowd stands still, not sure what to do

MARLA MAY: Anybody want some pie?




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I have taken

The life

That you were

Looking forward to

Your dreams

Your terrors 

All that you had lived for

And were probably

Planning on

Holding on to


My soul is unstable


So desperate 

So breakable

Bringing about its own destruction

Forgive me

I have misplaced myself



...dedicated to a very dear friend who had misplaced himself

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