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MeanDarkSmile Released Jun 28, 2015

In oblivion.

Things are not what they seem.

That my hands are extensions of a body

that could not be seen


reflections of a ghost


This was it to be

space speaking to me.

That the stars

jaded to fall


to sparks


I'm more than a whisper.

A faded window

in to a home that can't stand

on a foundation built.

on lies built from a book

this was it

to be a human inside.

A spiral falling down miles.

Free falling knowing

the ground would meet me.

white teeth bite down on a tongue

dark as night.

For every word

was a drop of blood

that would shake

the universe


Yet here I stand

Watching what was left of the sky

Telling you it would all be ok

In oblivion

And this was what it was. To be truly alone. That the dark would fuck me till I wished I could hold his hand. That his teeth would bite in to my bound neck. Feeling around digging...

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Further from oblivion

seeing the dust settle along the carpet

I didn't mean to say what I said

The stars that fell from your lips

dripping the last of space

across my eyes


The carpet...

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I'm not what I wrote

Least to be


I've written a million words

And it hasn't changed


What I thought

of the last thing you said


That the small goodbye

was enough to fill an ocean


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That Dream I had

Journal Entry 3.


The dark. It scares me. I can't see my own hands. If I move one step closer is it towards an edge? I have no idea where I'm going. How do I save...

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Journal Entry 2.

August 31 2009


I'll paint a picture Mr Blue. A million kids were like sperm. They burst in to the hallways trying to find an egg. By egg I mean room. So much sperm...

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Journal Entry 1.

August 25 2009


Often I run and run in the rain. I don't know why. I don't know to where. I try to keep those things quiet. As far in the back my brain as I can. So,...

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I'm at the end.

Laying in a bed made of billions of feathers

Or, at least that is what I wanted


My memory escapes me every other moment

my family one moment stuck in time

looking like...

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