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Random things that I would consider "Dark" in nature. 


Another clip from my short film, with the great Where is Home remix by JaeForever!

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Another shot from my old short film, thought it was quite fitting for The Dark Collab :)

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So, when I woke up this morning I came accross these great pics and Anah's great VO, then it hit me, 1+1= AWESOME!  or at least I thought so hahahaha 

Editing and misc audio done in FCPX.

(1080, 24 fps, 48 kHZ, H.264 Codec)

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~this is not for the YGAYN collab, I just liked the nature theme and it's fun to lipsync to.

this is an idea for the episode re: the number two. I was thinking perhaps for a music video, we could use the style of 'double exposure'. We could have people lip sync (like we did for The Spaces Between) and use photography, cinematography and footage of the contributing musicians overlayed on top. I started watching True Detective recently and was very inspired by their opening title sequence

So many people could contribute to this: anyone with a camera can lip sync; photographers & cinematographers can shoot things relevant to the song; musicians can do their thang; animators & video editors would composite different sections together. This tutorial came in pretty handy: 


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Bumper for The Dark episode.

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Couldn't decide so I made 2 versions. 

RE:The Dark version

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