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The one person you can never know but you always have the possibility to get to know. What defines a stranger? Is it someone who you see in your school hallway every day or someone who’ve passed you on the street? When does a stranger become a friend, a lover, or an enemy? That hook-up at the party turns stranger to lover in just a few minutes, while the bus driver on your regular route can remain a stranger forever. Even though they are often considered as extras in our own featurette, the impact their actions can have are huge. A few obscene words from a stranger can easily ruin your day while an unexpected compliment can make it.



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Furthermore; there is no universal meaning of life, at least...

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Mayan Apr 16, 2012

You can look but cannot touch – even I know that much.  

Being a cactus; a balloon is not the most ideal love,

which is why you must stay above.

Slowly you’re drifting out of the grip...

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