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This is a song about being on the road, and the desire to move from place to place.

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scenes from a fictional film- so I saw this fucking awesome series on Rookie Mag about photographs that were made to look like scenes from a film that doesn't exist. Thought it was a badass idea & also a cool way to REmix. It also gives me an excuse to use photographs that I love but have been banned from FB by my friends. 

 also this is my 200th RECord.omg.

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I have my own wonderland. My child part has never gone. Still here. With this part I love making crazy things as much as I can. I don’t consider myself as a photographer. I’m just a dreamer who creates some projects. I give life to my ideas.  I won’t stop it , it can’t be. I have grown up a lot and i’m still growing up in a way. My vision about Art has grown up and will continue. I like discovering new things. Maybe there is an explorer soul who is living inside my body.  I take inspiration in life and also in dreams. I use my own dreams to build my own world. I live between dreams and reality.


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These pictures may look a bit simple but there is a symbolic.

Indeed, I wanted to show something melancholic with the black ribbon. On the first photo, I feel anxious and sad about the world and prefer to wear this ribbon. The background is nature which is a place that makes me feel comfortable.

Otherwise, on the second photo, a touch of optimism appears. As you see I start putting off of my face the black ribbon, and finally see what is around me.



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I like wheels and cogs and all things turning... so got very inspired by Metaphorest's Cog Contributions.

Loving the "Cogs (Gif)" especially and took cerebis' comment: "... Now, make it turn into a robot :)" as a personal challenge ;-D. This is what Sundays are for.'s not Transformers as such....but it might do for now :-D

If one likes to add sound or mess around ➔ GO HERE! (I can also render in other format if needed...)

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Vid of a short verse I wrote about my personal decision to not take medication for my depression.  

Thought it might possibly be of use for a remix.


So many reasons why 
I'm like the seasons I 
Turn like a leaf then I fall down beneath
And when I get blown away
They always say
Take the Medication, the Medication
But its my doctor who keeps twitching to fill that form
And fix brains in the kitchen, you can smell 'em when they're warm
That's normal?
Naw, not really to me
Makes me wanna crush pills
I'll blow 'em out to sea
And be a bonafide freak then that rides the tide inside
Just me

Contributed to a documentary I helped put together for my day job.  Trailer for the whole work here:

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* simply pairing together some of my favorite audio records of 2013 *

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by mouette
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by Laural
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Wonder if this will work!

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It took me a whole day to finally face the fact that there really is no language I know that would make it possible for me to describe the gratitude I feel for the community of hitRECord, so I decided I’ll just give you guys some facts, about me and the site, because facts are easy and safe, and helpful in avoiding emotional blabbering (which can be also beautiful, but I just really suck at it). Sorry about the length though, I guess there’s just no brief way for saying this…

Facts (1)
Two years ago I was 16 years old. I had always loved music more than anything and had already spent 10 years of my life studying it, but I was afraid to show it, afraid of rejection and being judged, afraid of dreaming big ‘cause I was sure I’d never be really good enough. I had written some songs (all in Finnish ofc, as if anyone outside my family & friends would ever hear them), but it felt wrong to share them, the whole idea of telling people that my music is worth their time and energy, that they should look here, listen to me, me, me, it made me feel uncomfortable. To be honest, I was slowly running out of reasons to try becoming a musician.

Facts (2)
Two years ago yesterday, I found this site. And you all know how it goes. Finding a place where it’s not about creating something ready, finished or perfect, not about awkwardly shouting: “look at me, me, me!”, but where it’s all about collaborating, connecting and sharing things with people by creating, continuing, listening and remixing stories in differend shapes by adding beginnings, endings, colours, tastes, feelings, dreams, memories, love, bits, pieces, this that and whatnot… I know you know what I’m talking about, finding a place like this is magical.

Facts (3)
The picture above and the tattoo in the hand were both taken yesterday, and the hand in the picture belongs to me. The chord that’s written there is C/F which has been one of my favorites for years, but even more importantly, it’s the chord that starts the song I wrote, “Crashing” which started a lot of things for me. I had been planning to take this tattoo for over a year and a half, and finally yesterday on my 2nd hitRECord anniversary, I dared to go for it. To me it symbolises not only my insane, blind, burning love for music, but also my gratitude and love for this community that has given me so much…

There are no words. Thank you for these two. Here’s to many more to come.


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