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Missed the bus all the time

cause you stayed up late

Hassel in the hall hearing "no hall pass"

Other kids seem to get all the luck you lack


Black board questions are never easy

They say "class repeat after me please"

I was proud to be "great : ) "

How would I know that I'd miss those days




Make way for your highschool

football King

Gonna take a test

#2 lead please


Let's hear it for the ladies

in those back packs

And the kids in the lunch room

trading their snacks


All the kids ducking out on PE

Letters home to your parent

Saying "Come see me"

I don't care what they say

Now that I'm old I miss those days



And we'll start where we left off

And we'll start where we left off at




Back in the day I did my thing

I lived my life

I could just be

Weren't they the ones that said

History always finds a way to repeat


And we'll start where we left off

And we'll start where we left off at




I do not miss calculus!!!

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My 40's desk turned out pretty sucky. Anyone is welcome to give her a home on a 40's school desk.

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Made a gif, cause I felt like it :D It took me so long, that I realized I have to do them more often in order not to get any rustier...

by skriks
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What's The Plan?

It would be swell if we all knew the production timeline for big projects like the TV show. Last year it gobbled up about six months and it looks like it'll be more like nine months this year. This is fine, but it would be nice to see a bit further down the road. Contributing artists are kind of in the dark, going from one request video to the next.

The TV show is big enough that it should have its own page, complete with information like this.

Making More Stuff

I'll also use this RECord to suggest that we need to make more products. The TV show is a big win for hitRECord and very exciting but it seems to edge out opportunities to do a lot of other smaller projects. These could have more contributor control and also get pimped and promoted like the TV show requests do.

In the Projects Old and New collaboration, I suggested that we need to enter more film festivals. I've also proposed that we have a traveling exhibit. Those are both ambitious and feasible. But even making some more books, music videos, LPs, and T-shirts would be great for the community. There are a bunch of other cool ideas in this Town Hall collab, too.


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TWINS: We want as many twins as possible to answer THESE QUESTIONS. This collaboration will need a host and some identical twins. To host the game, follow these steps:

1) Provide each twin with a stack of printer paper and a large pen/marker.

2) Sit each twin next to each other so that they’re in the same shot.

3) Sit behind the camera as the host to ask the questions provided below.

4) There are three rounds. For each question, have each twin hold up their answers at the same time in front of the camera. Please have them write their answers as largely and visibly as possible - we’d like to see them on camera. The questions in round 3 apply to both twins at the same time.


NOTE: Please refer to THIS REFERENCE CUT when contributing.



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I thought this would make a good poster or anything..... 


by ratkiss
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I further developed the music I used for the Tiny Film Deleted.

by DN0619
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Sorry I keep forgetting you can upload files together!! 

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 vocalisations for Pine Cone Ballet score - this is such a lovely collab :)

by bell
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This is a video of two of my best friends that happen to be twins! Ashley (twin a) is on the left. Kaitlyn (twin b) is on the right. All the answers are below, but the video is a gem. :)

These two are too funny. Definitely double trouble. ;)



What is Twin A's worst habit? A: sarcasm K: loosing things
What is Twin A's most treasured possession? A: Cell Phone K: Debit Card
Who would Twin A like to meet most in person? A&K: Channing Tatum
What is Twin A's most commonly used phrase or word? A: What. K: Asshole
Where would you most commonly find Twin A spending her time? A: On the couch K: Reading on the train

What is Twin B’s worst habit? A: Talking about poop K: Not matching her socks
What is Twin B's most treasured possession? A: Geoff the Giraffe K: Cell Phone
Who would Twin B like to meet most in person?  A&K: Lauren Conrad... and JGL ;)
What is Twin B's most commonly used phrase or word?  A: Word K: No
Where would you most commonly find Twin B spending her time?  A&K: At work.

Which one of you said your first word first? Ashley, it was "Rusty"
Have you ever pretended to be your twin?  Yes, in the fourth grade. They go on to tell the story :)
Which one of you got into more trouble as a kid? Definitely Kaitlyn.
What are you most likely to argue about?  Clothing/ Laundry
What movie are you both fanatical about?  A: Hunger Games K: Dirty Dancing
What is your favorite band or music artist?   A&K: Kelly Clarkson


*What is your favorite candy?  Reeses/ Sour Watermelon Candies

*They tell the stories of people mixing them up and the time they made up a language at 4 years old! 

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just an idea

i've included a photoshop file incase anyone wants to remix

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Thought I would do a debunk video rather than further fuel any conspiracy theories out there. 

Also, have I told you lately how great this site is?!  I was able to put the whole thing together with only the images and videos from this site, plus a few of my own.  I was prepared to scour the public domain, but didn't even have to!  Awesome people, awesome site! =]

Oh, and petting a cat whilst taking a video really does a lot to kill any nerviousness you might have...I highly recommend it! =]

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