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Maybe it's the adventure fan in me, but I was thinking that one possible storyline for Convectuos0's "The Cathedral" could be that The Boy's long lost older sister returns after years being away from her family. She is being pursued by rogue pirates in a ship because she defied a distant king and did not marry him, as he so demanded.

The Boy suddenly is thrown into the mix and must build up the courage to help ward off the king's pirates. But what he doesn't know is that his sister has become a fierce warrior and she will utilize the skills she has learned over the years to help protect her brother, and her home, from the threat that's pursuing her.

I really liked timsterner's challenge to write about the journey of a coin. So I sat down and wrote whatever came to my mind. I haven't proofread or anything; just wanted to put it...

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lindsaykincaid started an awesome collaboration called "hitRECord In the Classroom" and I wanted to share an idea:

I was thinking that one potential way for a school to use the...

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"Back off! That's our minivan."