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Memory-a-Day request
MattConley Released Feb 25, 2015

I had a quick idea for a collaboration where everyone in the community could post records that capture and articulate especially poignant moments or experiences - both big and small - from each day. I started the collaboration HERE and I'm really interested to see what others come up with.

EVERYONE - You could contribute a record to this collaboration each day - or whenever the moment strikes you - about a particularly powerful memory from your day. 

Here are some specific ways you could contribute:

  • WRITERS - Write a story or poem about the most memorable moment or experience from your day. You could just jot it down quickly like a journal entry.

  • PHOTOGRAPHERS - Take a photograph that captures the most memorable moment from your day.

  • MUSICIANS - Write or perform a song about the most memorable moment from your day.

  • VISUAL ARTISTS & FILMMAKERS - Create some kind of visual art (a drawing, graphic design, short film, etc.) about the most memorable moment from your day, or base it on someone else's memory or moment.

  • EVERYONE - Record yourself on camera talking about the most memorable moment or experience from your day.

* "Chambers To Limit Your Dick Gun Size: How Small is Too Small?"

* "American Public Shafted Again by Chambers"


Greetings all!

I quickly wanted to update the community on some encoding issues that our Development Team is currently looking into. As you may have seen, recent video and image...

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* Chambers Stiffens Dick Gun Laws

* Chambers Pulls Dick Gun Rights

* Chambers Cock Blocks Dick Gun Owners

* Chambers Sizes Up Dick Gun Policies


Hi everyone, the site's experiencing some encoding issues at the moment; we're looking into them as we speak and hope to have them resolved as soon as possible.




Hey everyone,

I've got a quick tax-related update for United States citizens that made over $600 on hitRECord productions during the calendar year of 2014. We'll be sending out 1099...

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