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by MarieIv

These are my favourite own works.


everything the same except for the subs and the new score.

by MarieIv
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2 Years ago on this day I joined hitRecord, and for everything I've learned I am thankful to each and everyone on the site. Very very much possible I wouldn't be able to create things I create today without this wonderful place.

* I've started workig on this animation before I knew the text for this illustration, so I guess, this is more an "adaptation" of image, how I visualize it.

* (Public Domain sounds - owls  crickets


by MarieIv
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Metaphorest wrote lyrics and sang - PASIV wrote music - I made animation with the help of hitRecord's huge library of resources - then was made extended version of video - then Joe suggested to add sound elements to correspond with the video - after that Metaphorest and PASIV worked on this Awesome new version of the song Wanderer - then it was send to me and I just added it to the video. Hope I didn't miss anything. Interesting sequence of events :) So, it is the "third edition".

by MarieIv
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Everything is pretty much the same except for the tragic death of Fred and music.

Thank you everyone for the comments on my previous video! Joe, themetafictionist, thefuture wrote about crash scene.

I didn't want it to look too graphic so hope it looks sort of fine :)

by MarieIv
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Strawberry Bootlaces

I'm pretty bad at writing descriptions as you can see.

by MarieIv
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Above It All. Version 1 with classic ordinary parents.

I didn't cut the audio (new VO by jeffpeff), and it starts with the black screen, it lasts for about 15 seconds. I thought that this way it will be easier to edit something, if needed.



by MarieIv
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