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circa. 1986

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just a lost soul swimming in a fish bowl, year after year...

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A truck that belongs to some bad people.



by rewfoe
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It would be difficult to convey exactly how this came about…it was hilarious, amazing, and bizarre. I think what’s really important is bringing up the people involved. Its origin came from Steph [theshuttersmith], Madisen [madisenward], and Koura [kouralilly], and ideas were thrown around between Koura, Katie [musing5225], and myself. Koura and I wrote it, and well, brace yourself…for Brutal Noodles:


The room is cozy, refined, and full of books. MADISEN, a totally awesome hitrecorder, sits in an armchair. He’s extremely well dressed and has a refined sensibility to him. He looks directly at the camera. We slowly move in to a close up on him as he addresses us.

MADISEN: There is one time-worn evaluation of skill, strength, and cunning that exceeds all others. A ritualistic gauntlet known for its unforgiving hardship and meager rate of success. A solemn test of fortitude and tenacity, bathed in the tears of the fallen. I am, of course, talking about the rite of Brutal Noodles. Few see it coming, fewer remain standing by its end. Brutal Noodles can descend upon anyone at any time. Let us now turn our attention to unsuspecting artist Steph, who will soon be ambushed by the ultimate noodle challenge. 

[tight on Madisen’s face]

She only needs to eat one bite…of…NOODLES!!!





Normal, unremarkable kitchen. We see STEPH, an equally awesome hitrecorder. She stands over a boiling pot of water and drops in a bunch of noodles. As soon as the noodles hit the water, Madisen appears in a puff of smoke behind her. He seems less composed and more fickle…he’s got a wild card vibe. Psychedelic phenomena start creeping into the room upon his arrival, with colors and lights appearing and vanishing in a mesmerizing pattern.

Steph stays collected and cool throughout the entirety of the encounter, shrugging off the bizarre turn of events. She turns around.

MADISEN: Steph dear! So glad to see you!

STEPH (unphased): Who are you? What’s going on?

MADISEN: Oh, you know, the usual. You’re charged with surmounting the greatest challenge known to humanity. Brutal Noodles await, Steph, ARE YOU READY?

STEPH: What? What are you talking about? Who are you?

MADISEN: I’m Madisen, it’s a pleasure to meet you.

He shakes her hand with more invigoration than necessary. She jumps a bit at his enthusiasm but shakes his hand in return.


Madisen laughs maniacally, and presses a button on his tie. Whatever level-headedness we previously saw in him has vanished. The psychedelic effects escalate even more, and the room seems to spin in every direction. We see a close up of Steph’s face barely reacting to the craziness, a flash of Madisen and then the spinning room around her.

With a flash of light, a cooked bowl of noodles appears in Steph’s hands. Still seemingly unaffected by the absurdity surrounding it, she starts to reach for a fork, but the noodles come alive and jump away from her grasp.


The bowl hovers in front of her. She considers it, hands still in front of her, otherwise unresponsive.

MADISEN: All you must do is take a single bite, Steph. That’s all you must do to claim noodle victory!

Madisen does a little jump almost dance step. Steph is only mildly interested, still not quite ready to play though. She looks up at Madisen.

STEPH: And what happens if I lose?

MADISEN (giddy): Then I steal your noodles! All of your noodles will be mine!

He giggle-laughs and rubs his hands together.

STEPH (without missing a beat): Oh you’re gonna end up in a hospital ward, buddy.

MADISEN (snaps to a tense face as quickly as he had started laughing): I wouldn’t get too comfortable yet!

Madisen starts to smile again and we cut to Steph. The noodles have sneaked under Steph’s nose, forming a ‘noodle-stache’ of sorts…Madisen cackles at the sight. Steph reaches to grab the dastardly strands of tasty, but they’re too quick and dash away from her face, hovering a few feet beyond her grasp.

MADISEN: Way too slow, dear, WAY too slow! These aren’t your typical benign noodles, you’ve never encountered noodles this deliciously diabolical before! Don’t underestimate them unless you’re in the mood to fail!

Steph makes a lunge toward the noodles, ignoring Madisen, but she finds her feet stuck in elastic-y strands of noodle-ish trickery. As always, Steph doesn’t lose her cool for a second.

STEPH: What the…?

MADISEN: Ah, yes, the sticky noodle trap…an innovative concoction of faux-noodle subterfuge. Such are the machinations of the Brutal Noodles.

Steph glares at Madisen- the closest she’s come to losing composure- and tries dashing toward the noodles once again. The noodles flee, but Steph manages to herd them around Madisen. She sprints in circles around Madisen, chasing the noodles in a seemingly fruitless race.

MADISEN: Well what on earth is this? Circles? This will do you no good, Steph! You need to up your…

Madisen notices that in her circular motions, Steph’s speed has surpassed the motion of the noodles, as they tried to cut closer and closer to catch up, they have wound themselves around his legs, and are slowly making their way upwards as they still try to flee from Steph.

MADISEN (cont) (nervously scared but inappropriately jocular): Oh you are clever! That’s good, that’s enough! You’ve made your point. I’ll let you have a noodle bite if you just…

The noodles have bound his legs…his fear becomes more evident.


The noodles wind their way up Madisen’s torso, binding his arms to his sides, until only his head is free. Content, Steph walks over to a lone noodle quivering on the table. It lifts itself up like a searching snake; she and it stare at each other for a moment in a tense standoff. After a few beats, the noodle tries to flee, but Steph is ready and leaps up, catching the noodle in her mouth. She slurps it up spaghetti style.



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In this picture my mom is brushing my hair, before I went to school, I think I was in 2nd grade or something like that!

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UPDATE: Stems zip RECord here!


Not gonna lie...I think this song has MASSIVE collab potential.

The lyrics tell the story of Mollie - a doll who was once number one, but is now past her prime and has been replaced by a newer model. The overall theme is summed up the last few stanzas; the inevitability of becoming second-rate in a matter of a few ticks of the second hand. I'm picturing an All About Eve-influenced animated short/music vid to along with it.

First off, this needs a female singer to redo the vocals however she deems fit. Also brass, woodwinds, keys, percussion, guitars, basses, kazoos, etc. to make that middle musical break EXPLODE. If anyone really wants to help me make this happen, I'd be more than ecstatic to zip up track stems, BPMs, a chord list, and whatever else you might need.

Thanks for listening, RECorders. I'm ridiculously proud of this one, and there's nowhere else I would want it to be.



I used to be, if I say so myself

The envy of all other dollies

Girls came in droves to grab me off the shelf

And put me in their parents' trolleys

I traveled the world; made its leaders my pals

And appeared in a few moving pictures

A beacon of class and a role model to gals

I was the perfect mixture


Soon I was paired up by marketing teams

With the tall, dark, handsome Victor®

He took me places of which I'd but dreamed

No wonder they called him an "action figure"


Not long after that, people turned and they flocked

To some little trollop named Carlie®

They pushed me aside and cast me to the dark

In a chest with the stickers and lollies

Now I gather dust in this secondhand shop

Girls pass by without a clue

And to the first choices all sitting on top:

The second hand's tickin' for you


(separate lyric RECord w/ a couple of notes here)


Finally, a big shout-out to kerrybrooks as I could never have imagined finding such perfectly-fitting cover art for this as dollies dearest. Ties the whole room together.

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E had orientation at his school today. He wanted to see the auditorium before we left. 

Sony RX100 ll

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It could be interesting to interview Teachers who have been teaching for several decades and get their opinions on the educational system of today versus what it was like 30+ years ago.

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When I was a kid, I always hoped that I'd somehow receive a message from my future self. What happens to me when I get older? What is the future like? Lil Felix would not even be able to comprehend what the internet was. He'd also be upset by the lack of flying cars.

We are the future version of our childhood self. My idea is to have HitRECorders record themselves talking directly to their past selves. From the "future", tell your past self about yourself, what the "future" is like, and give yourself any important life advice.

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