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Megan's music loops project collab was one of my favorite music collabs last year. I took all of the contributions and remixed them together to form a song of loops. Each loop is 8 measures long but every 8 measures of the song contains a different combination of loops which makes it constantly changing. 


I visited my buddy Steve recently and every time I see him he has a different assortment of pinball machines at his house.  For the last couple of years he has been collecting, repairing, trading or selling these machines.  

I consider pinball machines to be such a unique form of games because of the amount of passion and knowledge that's needed to keep them working.  Even with the recent resurgence these machines can still be hard to find no matter what condition they are in, and I have a lot of respect for Steve doing his part on keeping these games alive. 

A HUGE thanks to 12.42 for helping me with the intro. 


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That's one funky bird.

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Here is a vocal mix I did for the collage song collab.  I gathered some great vocal contributions from the collab that i felt went well with the track and together.  Hope you enjoy it!

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Here is a new arrangment with ppeppina's sweet vocals on top. Enjoy! 

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I had this song Peppertone Lane that DevinLevi remixed with his amazing vocals and it's exactly what the song was missing.  Here is a new mix with the stems he uploaded. Enjoy

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Here is a updated mix to the song with a few additions & adjustments.
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I really like aszarkowski's reading of Please Hold and I thought it would make a good interlude or ending for the Hitrecorderly record.

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