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Another Illustration! I love doing this! :) This is one of my favorites tiny stories! I Hope everyone like it!  Please could you add this for the book! RegularJOE! Please! :) 

EDIT: After 4 years from this illustration I am revising it and... Man! How things have change. I was so young when I did this and I just didn't had the education neither the knowledge to really draw a complex, meaningful and overall more aesthetic illustration for this story. (Now I can understand perfectly what ClarissaBailey and todd68976 were talking about.)  This image just popped in my head when I read the wonderful tiny story by left-coast-jane. I didn't think more about the concept or how difficult is really to portrait two very abstract things, this was more of a gut feeling, maybe. I really just felt the idea and proceed to draw it just how I'd pictured it in my head. I'm so happy that so many of you liked it and this is what inspires me to do better and keep learning. But also this made a 16/17 year old amateur illustrator felt appreciated and just gave the courage to follow their dreams. Thank you all for the love. X

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