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Here's a song I recorded a while back. I can post the stems or whatever upon request, I'm curious to hear if anyone wants to add or change something with this!



Note: This is the .wav verson. For some reason the .mp3 version wasn't playing correctly on this site? I'm not sure how to delete records too so that's why the .mp3 version is still up. Sorry if there is any confusion.


Another song of Joab's I re-mixed!

Some things I took some liberties on:

- I used about half the tracks that was in Joabs. I felt like the intense doubling took away from the song a bit but I did use some doubling for the vocals in some instances.

- I added my own MIDI drums (Addictive Drums). Yeah I know they don't sound very MIDI haha. Also, because I added my own drums I took some liberties with coming up with the beat and fills.

-EQ'd the hell out of everything as well as put some compression and reverb on a good handful of things.


Some issues:

- I have this weird hiss. I may have to do with how the track was recorded, but it seemed abnormally loud for some reason.

- Some timing issues. I guessed at the tempo to lay down the drums (152.5? haha) but those things are a little too hard to fix.

- I was considering re-recording the electric guitars hehe. 


Other than that it was fun! Give me some feedback!

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Out from underneath th bamboo shelter, I may not love who I'm supposed to love.
When I stop and ready and prepare my supplies breathe in and process the heavy air and I run two red lights - now I am ready to hunt.

I can still smell the msoke from the roaring fire and the crackle of wings and a fake pilot's license. That smell never comes out of clothes.
Now I'm the heartless villian because when the plane began to toss and turn I was reading directions on parachutes, while you held me down.

There is no more rescue, they're not waiting for me, I could use some help out in the mill jungle. They've called off the search planes, you've burned all my records. I'm running out of supplies.
And everyday, I wonder if you'll call, say you're sorry, that you were wrong about it all. 

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My 1st Mix of this song.


Not exactly my best mix -

I was really looking for a high-frequency type sound to go along with the beat in the louder part but I had trouble with it and left it out.


I took a few liberties with the song in some places, I hop Joab doesn't mind :D


Send me stuff to mix! :D

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My idea with guitar and drums. Let me know what you think! 

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