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I wrote this last year for the "If I Could Make The World" collaboration. It was never used, but I also never posted just the music, so here it is! It's nice revisiting it.


When my brother and sister in law were in Venice, they bought me this awesome plague doctor mask with music notes on it, so I decided to make a song for it!

Instruments: Accordion, Banjo (finally), Mandolin, and Celesta!

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This is a song for the little ghost.

 Accordion, Piano, Upright Bass.

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There will be no pain,

There will be peace,

There will be companionship,


There will be love.

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Another atmospheric song, of course.

I played piano over some sounds, and added bowed bass guitar, celesta and some percussion.


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After re-visiting this song, I realized I REALLY don't like half of the vocals. So I removed my singing parts aside from the "oohs" and I think It's much better. I'm still planning on posting the stems soon!

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Broke out my electric guitar and bass today. And my voice :)



So tell me how you think we'll make it in the storm
Everybody's left town the rain is coming down and we're still here
We're still here

You tell me all it is is weather
You say you wanna stay forever
We've lived here our whole lives
Our whole lives

The people say that it's God's judgement for our sins
But you say you don't believe
and this storm you will receive without a fear
Without a fear

Black clouds are rollin in
And the hairs stand on my skin
I think this is the end
I think this is the end

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This is my new accordion. The bass notes are much better than my last one, so I am loving this instrument so much! My mic started getting fuzzy so I had to wait about a week to record this. Thankfully a friend of mine came over with his mic and helped me record!

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Piano, Accordion, Upright Bass

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Let me know what y'all think!

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It's been a while since I've written a piano song. I forced myself to make the only instrument the piano, because I feel like sometimes I get carried away. Hope you all like it!

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Accordion, Piano, Bass, and Mandolin. These are quite fun :)

 If anyone would like just the audio, let me know.

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Just a simple little thing I did late last night. Hopefully it can be of some use.

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